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What The Shrek?

Writer and expert14 years ago
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Let me be honest with you: when I first heard that there was an OPI nail polish collection based on Shrek, I was kind of thrown. Don’t get me wrong, I think Shrek is great and I’ve recently joined The Church of OPI, but for some reason the idea of having a line of nail colours inspired by it just seemed… weird! I guess it was because the only colour I could think of was green and all-and-any-variations-of, but I just couldn’t see it. Well, guess what? Today I finally got to see the colours and, after much internal debate (not really), I love it!


Granted, I don’t think uber bright colours are really my cup of tea at all, but give me some purple and I’ll be good to go. This OPI Shrek-tacular Collection has a little something for everyone: for the daring chicks there’s the awesome electric blue Ogre-The-Top, the radioactively cool Who The Shrek Are You? (these names make me giggle too) and the light green Fiercely Fiona; the cute and flirty gals will love What’s With The Cattitude? – a playful light blue that is perfect for summer; and finally, the purple lovers out there such as myself will love love love Funky Donkey (a super nice dark purple) and Rumple’s Wiggin (the cutest lavender shade EVER and my personal favourite out of this collection).

Can’t really choose which one to get? Well, that’s why packs were invented! I love packs. I’m terrible at deciding stuff so packs really help me out. Well, not HELP OUT because it just means I get more but, well, this is definitely material for a totally different blog

Writer and expert
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Major fan of scented candles, Make Up brushes and Highlighter. I’m always on the hunt for those Holy Grail products and my dressing table is covered in more beauty products than I like to admit. As an adopted Northerner originally from Brighton, I spend most my days wondering what all this rain is about. My hair isn’t grateful for the move. Currently loving: NIOD Photography Fluid