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The Best Haircare for Damaged Hair

The Best Haircare for Damaged Hair
2 years ago
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Sometimes your hair needs a little TLC. After a holiday away, a few too many sweeps of the hair straighteners or blow drying, hair can feel dull, brittle and unmanageable. Bring it back to life with our advice and all the best products for damaged hair.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

Although the best option is to try to keep hair as healthy as possible, if you do find it feeling a little damaged and dry, there are some things you can do to try to revive it and repair your locks.

  • Go for a trim - Heading for a haircut can totally refresh your hair. It helps get rid of split ends and encourages healthy growth.
  • Stay away from heat and chemicals - If you can avoid using heat styling and chemical treatments like perms or dyes, your hair will thank you. Both of these can alter the structure of the hair, leaving it brittle and weak.
  • Use a Sulphate-free shampoo - When looking for a shampoo, try out a Sulphate-free formula, as some Sulphates can strip protective oils and dehydrate weak hair further.
  • Go lukewarm - To protect your hair, turn down your water temperature; hot water will actually dry out your hair even further, leaving it prone to breakage.
  • Check out the ingredients list - Good ingredients for damaged hair are Shea, Argan, Macademia, Proteins, Panthenol and Glycerol. These all help moisturise your hair, adding elasticity and shine.
  • Avoid Alcohol - It is in a lot of hair styling products but Alcohol can dehydrate the hair even further. Watch out for oils and mists in particular, which often use Alcohol to dilute and make application easier.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen - For extra protection, look for products containing UV filters which will help guard against environmental factors like sunshine.
  • Wrap it up warm - For an added boost when using treatments and masks, wrap your hair in a warm towel whilst the mask absorbs. The warmth will help the mask penetrate better.
  • Be gentle - Avoid pulling hair when brushing, especially when it's wet and at it's most vulnerable.

The Best Haircare Ranges

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