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An Introduction To Iluminage

An Introduction To Iluminage
Team LF
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Offering the best at-home beauty solutions, Iluminage are built on a strong background of scientific research and development. Their innovative product range includes high-tech hair removal systems and skin-loving textiles designed to leave you looking completely flawless.

How Does Iluminage Work?

Each of the Iluminage products has been clinically proven to achieve professional results at home. The Iluminage pillowcases, gloves and socks are infused with copper oxide which visibly reduces the signs of ageing. When in contact with the skin, the copper ions are transferred, promoting natural cell renewal. A difference can be noticed in as little as four weeks.

The Iluminage Touch works by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Otherwise known as a laser treatment, it is clinically proven to cause up to 94% permanent hair reduction in just 6 weeks. It has been FDA-cleared for safe use on all skin tones and different hair colours and can be used on the face and body for smooth, hair free skin painlessly. Using patented Elōs technology, it has three energy levels; low, medium or high which can be altered depending on how intense you’d like your treatment to be.

How to use the Iluminage Touch

  1. Check for Skin Sensitivity - Before you begin treatment, set to the lowest Elōs intensity level and test on a small area of the body. Wait 30 minutes and if you don’t experience a reaction, it’s safe to continue with the treatment.
  2. Prep The Area - Shave, wipe clean and pat dry the area that you want to treat with the Iluminage Touch. By shaving, waxing or epilating beforehand, it makes the treatment work more effectively, rather than just burning hairs on the surface.
  3. Set Up The Intensity - Choose the intensity of the Elōs ready to begin treatment. This is the energy level which should be set according to your skin type, hair type and personal preference. Only use the setting which you feel comfortable with to avoid damage to the skin.
  4. Begin Treatment - Place the two silver RF contact bars into contact with your skin. This will then allow the device to emit flashes of light. Glide it across the area you want to treat with continuous motion and make sure to move after each flash.

How to wash the Iluminage Pillowcase

To wash the Iluminage Pillowcase, simply pop it into the washing machine, then place into the dryer or leave to air dry. Just make sure to not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as these can damage the material and reduce its effectiveness.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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