Beauty Blogger Haircare Favourites with Rachael Divers

Beauty Blogger Haircare Favourites with Rachael Divers

We love having a nosy into the beauty routines of our favourite beauty bloggers and vloggers, so we are pretty excited that Rachael Divers, a makeup artist by day and beauty blogger by night, has taken over the Lookfantastic YouTube Channel to talk about her favourite haircare products.

Watch the video to find out all of Rachael’s expert tips for keeping her hair healthy and beautiful.

Shop Rachael’s Haircare Must-Haves

From volume boosters to the ultimate detangler, shop the products Rachael swears by in her everyday haircare routine.

Rachael can find her thick red hair prone to dryness and breakage so she loves this Primer Cream that helps strengthen the hair. With heat protection, it helps speed up drying time for healthy, glossy locks and Rachael loves the smell!

Rachael has been trying out one of the products we are really excited to launch on Lookfantastic: the Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep-Conditioning Mask. It gives an incredible boost of hydration and increases manageability. Can't wait until the launch? Try the treatment spray for the same 21 benefits as the mask, in a styling spray.

Rachael likes to add a bit of volume as her thick hair can easily get weighed down. She spritzes this all over before blow-drying upside down to give her roots a gorgeous lift.

A new discovery from this month's #LFHELLOBEAUTIFUL Beauty Box, Rachael swears by the Wet Brush. She has thick hair but the brush detangles knots without pulling and helps prevent her hair breaking.

The Lookfantastic Beauty Box gives you the chance to try out new brands and launches, sometimes before any of our other shoppers. Rachael has fallen head over heels for the Uniq 1 All In One Coconut Hair Treatment in this month's Beauty Box. To try it out before the launch, you'll have to get your hands on the box!

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