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How to get a Curly Blow-Dry with ghd

How to get a Curly Blow-Dry with ghd
Team LF
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A curly blow-dry is at the top of everyone's Christmas party wish-list looks. It not only creates incredible volume, but keeps the hair looking beautiful and bouncy throughout the night, but just how do we achieve it at-home?

These are our top 3 steps to creating a beautiful blow-dry thanks to ghd, all without stepping into a salon...

ghd's Perfect Blow-Dry

There are 3 important steps to take if you want salon-worthy locks, and by missing out a step, you won't achieve the perfect hair you're after.

  1. Prep and Protect
  2. Dry the hair properly
  3. Curl to perfection

Prep and Protect

This is an absolutely essential step, as it will help to prepare your hair for a perfect blow-dry, whilst also protecting it against damage.

Once you have towel-dried your hair, apply the ghd Total Volume Foam throughout. Its lightweight mousse texture glides through the locks to create volume once blow-dried, without ever feeling sticky or heavy. It has an incredible Heat Styling System built-in to it, but if you do have severely damaged or dehydrated locks, apply a couple of spritzes of the Heat Protect Spray below.

The ghd Heat Protect Spray is not only intensely nourishing, it helps to shield your hair against the damaging effects of heat, all of which can lead to breakage and dulling. Thanks to its unique formulation, it can be used with all styling tools, and won't weigh your hair down, despite the fact it keeps it soft and conditioned.

Dry the hair properly

This might seem obvious, but stick with us.

Most people are in a rush in the mornings and tend to tip their head upside down and blast away, thinking the heat will naturally create incredible volume. While it briefly will, this volume and hold won't last, which is where you have to get on board with the blow-dry.

Using the ghd Paddle Brush, take the hair in sections, carefully using the diffuser head on the ghd Air Hairdryer to smooth the ends down. When you get to the top of the head, make sure you life the hair up towards the sky, so that the heat can get into the roots and give beautiful volume. This is where the volumising mousse in the previous step also helps to give it hold and definition.

Curl to perfection

This is where you can achieve those stunning, loose and tumbling waves you see on models all over Instagram.

Before starting the curling process, make sure you apply the ghd Curl Hold Spray onto freshly blow-dried hair. The lightweight mist works in synergy with your hair to help create and hold curls so that they last all day and night.

Once you've spritzed, heat up the the ghd Platinum Styler. The plates glide through locks to deliver long-lasting curls that can be customised to however tight you want them to be. We love them to look quite loose and bohemian for a curly blow-dry, which gives an effortless finish.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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