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Why Perricone’s Hydrating Cloud Cream is the Perfect Moisturiser

Why Perricone’s Hydrating Cloud Cream is the Perfect Moisturiser
Team LF
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Finding that holy-grail moisturiser is a serious task, because depending on your skin type, each person is looking for a different thing. Whether that's hydration for dry skin, oil-free formulas for shiny complexions, or radiance-boosting ingredients for lacklustre faces, it's not easy to find one that fits all your unique requirements. Well, we didn't think it was easy until we met Perricone's Hydrating Cloud Cream.

For those of you that haven't already heard of Perricone Skincare, you need to get acquainted soon. At the heart of the brand is a dermatologist and doctor, who pours his extensive knowledge into product research and formulation so that your skin receives the very best at-home treatment possible.

Introducing Dr. Perricone

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a leading expert in the field of skincare, nutrition and dermatology. As a huge advocate that what you eat affects your skin, he's a great believer in including only the very best and vitamin-rich ingredients in his products to support this cellular health.

His Anti-Inflammatory Diet is one of the most widely celebrated diet plans in the US, and involves eating a mixture of rich, leafy greens and fish to help keep the skin calmed, soothed and free from redness and irritation.

He takes this expert knowledge in the field of nutrition and places it into developing his skincare products, which are enriched with omegas, minerals and vitamins to help keep the skin protected, healthy and glowing.

The Perricone Hydrating Cloud Cream

Light as air and as pure as a cloud, Perricone's Hydrating Cloud Cream is the ideal everyday moisturiser for all skin types.

The key ingredient in this moisturiser is Hydrogen, which is an extremely small molecule that can penetrate the skin's cells and infuse its moisturising properties into dry and tired complexions. As it feels super airy and light on the skin, it's ideal for even combination and oily skin types, that still need hydration without the greasy or sticky feeling of traditional rich creams.

With a unique H2 Energy Complex exclusive to Perricone, the cream energises the skin cells, and works to visibly brighten and refine the complexion without causing breakouts or irritation.

  • Fragrance-Free.
  • Lightweight formulation is suitable for all skin types.
  • Gentle on delicate skin.
  • Super hydrating thanks to its Hydrogen-based formula.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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