Kérastase Discipline For Curly Hair

Kérastase Discipline For Curly Hair

The Kérastase Discipline range is all about controlling unruly hair and adding softness and movement. With a whole load of new additions to the range, I was really excited to try them all out.

My Hair Type


The Discipline Range

This collection has every step of your hair routine covered, from washing to styling. The Discipline range is meant to protect against frizz in humidity, improve manageability if you blow dry and add long-lasting shine and smoothness.

The original shampoo and conditioner are actually designed to work with all hair types but the new additions, including a cleansing conditioner and a styling mousse, are perfect for misbehaving curls.

My Thoughts

On first impressions I did love these. The packaging is slick and feels very premium; it helps that I am a sucker for rose gold!

I am a longtime Kérastase fan too, after discovering the Elixir Ultime and falling in love with how shiny it makes my curls. The main question was whether the products would live up to my expectations.


  1. Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo

    This is a sulphate-free shampoo but I found it gave a fairly strong lather on the scalp. Like the rest of the Discipline range, it has a smell which I can only describe as ‘perfumed’. I can’t figure it out exactly but it reminds me of a fairly sophisticated perfume. Très Francais!

    I will say, my hair felt very smooth after using this. It does say it is meant to cover the hair with a hydrophobic layer to repel humidity and it does feel like it is leaving something over the hair. I’m not entirely certain whether I find this a good or a bad thing as longterm I can find that unpleasant but for the first few washes it felt good.

  2. Kérastase Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste Conditioner

    I am in love with how fast this detangled my hair. I’m not sure if it is because of the shampoo already smoothing the hair or whether this is just a little bit magical, but there was not a single knot left.

    I was worried it was going to feel too heavy on my hair but it rinsed out well and left things feeling soft and smooth.

  3. Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine

    I do like an intense treatment mask. Every so often I really feel like my hair needs a boost and this mask is ideal. It is so nourishing and thick. I applied it mainly to the ends of my hair and left it on for about 15 minutes.

    It really did feel like it smoothed and moisturised my hair and I think it would be a weekly essential for anyone who’s hair is a little rough and dehydrated. I’ll be using it every couple of weeks to give things a boost.

  4. Kérastase Discipline Curl Ideal Cleansing Conditioner

    One of the newest products in the range, this is perfect for any curly girls who like to co-wash. With just enough cleansing powers to help the scalp feel fresh and clean, without stripping any moisture, it gives great manageability.

    Whilst my fine hair doesn’t really need co-washing, I think this is a great addition to the range for those that do. It is great to see more care options for curly hair coming out in mainstream ranges.

  5. Kérastase Discipline Curlissime Mousse

    With my fine hair, it is no surprise I love a mousse. It just helps give that little bit of extra lift while defining the curls.

    This one is great. It adds shine and definition without feeling either crispy or greasy. I could see this easily fitting into my daily styling routine, no problem at all!

  6. Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray

    A multi-tasking hair treatment spray, this is ideal for combining with the other styling products to boost your hair. It comes out in a light mist, which was easy to distribute all over the hair.

    I do need to blow dry my hair before work, so this is such a simple way to add in heat protection as well as boosting the shine and frizz control from the other products. My curls were left very glossy!

  7. Kérastase Discipline Curl Ideal Oleo Curl Cream

    Last but not least, the curl cream. It is actually more like a lotion in texture, which I like as I feel I can distribute it over my hair more easily than a thick cream.

    It felt lightweight on my hair and left it feeling very silky when I combed it all through. I prefer using creams on my ends and lengths, and the mousse on my roots and this was a great combination.

    Altogether I think the new Kérastase curly styling products work really well together, hitting the balance between having great control without being too greasy or heavy.

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