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Pureology Strength Cure Range

Pureology Strength Cure Range
Terri Lowe
8 years ago
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Claimed to help protect colour and revitalise damaged hair, I put the Pureology Strength Cure range to the test. Each Pureology product contains their trademarked Anti-fade Complex to protect colour and the Strength Cure range also contains their Asta-Repair formula to help rebuild and strengthen the hair. How well did it work with my damaged hair?

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My Thoughts on the Range

Pureology is one of those brands that, to be honest, I haven't really heard that much about before. Unlike the other products I’ve tried I had no expectations before trying the Pureology range. The packaging was okay, nothing too appealing but certainly not offensive, and the claims on it were pretty standard too.

Despite the underwhelming first impressions I can solidly say that when I tried them I feel like my hair life is now changed forever.

I can tell you straight off that this is the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair I have ever used.

As usual, I started off by wetting my hair and lathering the shampoo in to it. The shampoo was incredibly thick and made my hair feel so silky. After the initial rinse I thought there would be no need to even bother using the conditioner, but I did anyway.

Just like the shampoo, the Pureology conditioner felt really luxurious and I slathered it on and waited around 2 minutes before rinsing out. Immediately my hair felt soft, smooth and lovely.

It was only after I dried my hair that I realised the true greatness of the Strength Cure range. After drying my hair it felt incredibly thick and smooth, but not weighed down at all. This has literally never happened to my hair before; usually, if a product makes my hair feel full, it always weighs it down and feels greasy after a day – not with Pureology though!

Seriously. Try it. It will change your life.

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I've been dying my hair for too many years and I'm now looking to repair the damage and bring life to my brittle hair.