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Review: Christophe Robin Volumizing Collection

Review: Christophe Robin Volumizing Collection
Team LF
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The world of natural haircare is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of chemical formulations, we are opting to choose products that are free from parabens, SLS and silicones, and instead contain natural ingredients and plant actives. This is where Christophe Robin comes in. I love using products that I know are really nourishing for my hair, which is why I have to say, I absolutely love Christophe Robin. I have already sampled their Cleansing Mask with Lemon and absolutely loved it, especially for my blonde hair! This time however, I wanted to try an entire Christophe Robin haircare routine.

As I have fine hair, I opted for the Volumizing range, which contains 3 products: a shampoo, conditioner and spritzer. Although they are considered to be natural, the products seriously pack a punch when it comes to producing great results. Not only that, they smell incredible. If you aren't into rose scented fragrances, then this collection might not be for you, but if you're like me and love the smell of an English Garden, you will absolutely love this range!

What Is My Hair Type?

Christophe Robin

What Does Christophe Robin Volumizing Aim To Do?

The collection aims to restore body and volume into the hair; adding thickness and lifting at the root. When searching for volumising hair treatments, it can be difficult, as some don't offer any other benefits. The Christophe Robin products however, are formulated with an acidic PH; sealing the hair cuticle to ensure that your colour remains vibrant and glossy. This is perfect for me as I want my blonde locks to stay glossy and shiny all the time!

Review Of The Volumizing Collection

The collection as a whole seemed to work really well for my hair. It left my locks glossy, hydrated, all without feeling weighed down. On the whole, I did feel that my hair had a little more volume from the root, which kept hold throughout the day, which was great for me as usually my hair is super flat by the time I get home from work! I absolutely loved the scent too. It reminded me of a British Summer, which when coming into the warmer months, is just simply perfect.

The Shampoo

This shampoo lathers up extremely well, considering it is free from SLS. It felt like it was really cleansing my hair without stripping it or irritating my scalp. Once you have rinsed, it can make your hair feel slightly dry, but don't worry. When it comes to blow drying, it feels super soft and looks incredibly shiny!

The Conditioner

I like to use conditioning treatments from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair only as I find my hair can become sticky and oily otherwise. This one however is so lightweight that you could use it all over if you wanted to. It felt really moisturising on my ends without feeling heavy and rinsed away perfectly without much fuss.

The Rose Water Volumizing Mist

This is the real hero product in the collection for me! While I love the trio as a whole, the Rose Water Volumizing Mist makes combing my hair a treat! It conditions, nourishes, adds volume, shine and makes my hair smell incredible. Well done Christophe Robin.

If you are interested in buying any of the Christophe Robin collection, you can view the entire collection here. 

Team LF
Writer and expert
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