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3 reasons to try the NEW Shiseido Bio-Performance Skin Filler

3 reasons to try the NEW Shiseido Bio-Performance Skin Filler
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert12 months ago
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Your newest pro-ageing skincare solution is here, courtesy of Shiseido! The Bio-Performance Skin Filler is the latest innovation to sweep our beauty shelves, advocating its ability to restore a plump, lifted, youthful-looking quality to mature skin. But why should you add this savvy new staple into your usual skincare routine? Allow us to break it down for you…

1) Two’s better than one!

Understanding how daytime skin differs in wants and needs to night-time skin, one serum simply would not do for Shiseido. Instead, the brand present one AM serum and one PM serum to use at different stages of the day – all while complementing the other’s benefits!

Equipped with strong volumising power, the morning formula is designed to gift mature skin a lifted look and feel, thanks to hyaluronic acid coupled with red clover flower extract, cinnamon and traditional Chinese medicine root, chai hu. Together, the ingredients help to support the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

The evening serum, enriched with compacted hyaluronic acid, gradually sinks into the skin throughout the night, supporting a soft, plump complexion come morning.

2) Innovative anti-ageing technology

Inspired by 30 years of research in hyaluronic acid (and the transformative results of aesthetic procedures), the serum duo is powered by MolecuShift technology, a breakthrough innovation designed to lock in moisture while plumping the look of fine lines.

Shiseido noticed how high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid would struggle to penetrate the skin’s surface, due to the size of the molecule. But now, the brand has designed a technology that seeks to control the size of hyaluronic acid, without changing its molecular structure.

MolecuShift technology follows a two-step strategy:

  • Compact the hyaluronic acid to allow it to sink into skin while preserving its molecular structure.
  • Re-expand it once it has penetrated skin to instantly plump from within.

That means supple, youthful-looking skin could be yours with regular use of Shiseido's serum duo!

3) Sustainable, premium packaging

Housed in durable, refillable bottles, the serums not only look good in your bathroom cabinet, but they do good too! Each Skin Filler Bio-Performance formula features a refillable pump system to help minimise plastic waste. All refills are then made of 20% plant-origin materials*, allowing for a 74% reduction of plastic used**.

*Refill Botte. Doesn’t include cap. **Refill versus overall packaging.

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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