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5 Steps to a more Positive Life with Mio Skincare

5 Steps to a more Positive Life with Mio Skincare
Team LF
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In order for us to be healthy, we need to be positive, and it’s not always easy to keep that mentality. A positive life is all about balance, whether it’s eating a healthy diet during the week then indulging a little at the weekend, or spending time with friends, then enjoying some time alone too. It’s really important to do what makes you happy. We have teamed up with the experts at Mio to give you the expert advice you need to maintain a positive mindset this year.

So get ready to revolutionise your mentality and give yourself the time you need to find your perfect balance...

Eat your Medicine

What you put on your plate is a much more powerful medicine than anything at the back of your bathroom cabinet. You should treat every visit to your supermarket like a visit to your pharmacy and buy fresh and whole grain food. Trying to avoid refined sugar will benefit your body in more ways than you can imagine. It’s so easy to pick the most convenient option in our frantic lives, but our health is our wealth, so keeping a healthy balanced diet is super important for our well-being.

Don't Stop Moving

We’re not saying get up at 5am and run a half marathon every morning, but simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking the long way round to the corner shop, going for a 20 minute jog in the evening can all help. These little things will make a huge difference to your general health and fitness, and help with a positive mind set too. All we ask is you give it a try!

Laugh until you Cry

As cheesy as it may sound, laughing is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise routine. Laughter is scientifically proven to release endorphins, a feel-good brain chemical. So surround yourself with the people you love, or put a comedy on, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy a little bit of fun. You’ll feel so much better almost immediately, we promise.

Wind Down with Mio

Allow yourself some time every evening to wind down. Whether you’ve had a good or a bad day, we all need some alone time to do something we enjoy and take a break from the world. So we suggest you put your phone on charge in the kitchen to avoid temptation and pour yourself a bath with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. It has essences of Spearmint, Cypress, Lavender, Mandarin and Chamomile essential oils help to ease your stress and anxiety, plus moisturising Murumuru Butter so your skin feels as good as your mind.

Take some deep breaths in and out to steady your heart rate and allow your mind to just close down for a minute. Pamper your skin after your bath with our Activist Oil to nourish and moisturise, then spray one spritz of Liquid Yoga Space Spray onto your pillow to aid your sleep.

Love Yourself

Know inside that you are incredibly special! There’s no one else that is you, and that is your power. There’s always something you’ll be better at than someone else and vice versa, so realise your strengths and don’t let anybody ever make you feel less than amazing, because as long as you’re kind, you are incredible!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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