5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Who else is feeling very inspired by all the amazing athletes on the television right now? Whilst we might not be winning gold just yet, we’re definitely motivated to work towards our goals. However, it can be easier said than done to hit those targets.

How to Achieve Your Goals

We’ve asked some of the experts at Myprotein what their golden rules are for achieving their goals. These are some of the most motivated women we’ve met; discover their tips and advice.

  1. Set an immovable goal to work towards

    “I’m always more motivated to train when I have a competition coming up. Book in a mud run or a 10K – even a photoshoot or a powerlifting meet.

    There is nothing like a set timeframe to make your motivation soar!”

    – Sarah Harradine

  2. Visualise and get it down on paper

    “If I’m passionate about reaching a specific goal, I visualise the exact outcome in my mind to experience how good it would make me feel to achieve it. Following that, I write it down on paper to make it more real.

    Better yet, put it up on the wall in front of your bed – that way it’s the first thing you see in the morning and evening. It increases my focus on making my goal more real and achievable each passing day.”

    – Laura Bowden

  3. Set short and long term goals

    “Rather than setting one goal set both short term and long term goals. By setting multiple short term goals you create stepping stones making you more motivated to reach your BIG goal.

    Also… remember to always enjoy the journey and take learnings rather than just focusing on the end goal.”

    – Sophia Hall

  4. Find a mantra

    “Find a mantra that means something to you and display it somewhere prominent like on a fridge, in the car, on the door, on a keyring, at your desk or an alert on your phone.

    This might be ‘eat for the body you want not the body you have’ on the fridge or ‘it is never too late to become what you might have been’ in your trainers!

    Finding a meaningful mantra and shouting it or seeing it regularly will help you work towards (and achieve) that goal!”

    – Lucinda Lamb

  5. Share your goals

    “Talk to someone about what you want to achieve.

    Pushing towards a goal independently is admirable, but knowing that someone else is rooting for you can make all the difference when your motivation lapses.”

    – Polly Fullerton



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