Dr. Lancer’s Skincare Tips

Leading into the New Year, we all have resolutions to become healthier and look after our skin more! We managed to sit down to talk with Dr. Harold Lancer and find out about his top tips for looking after your skin.

As one of the world’s leading dermatologists, Dr. Lancer is an expert when it comes to the ins and outs of skincare and skin health.  His famous 3-step regimen “The Lancer Method” is one of the most trusted and celebrated routines in the beauty industry and boasts a cult-like celebrity following.  Dr. Lancer believes that whilst using good skincare is key for a radiant and healthy complexion, there are lifestyle factors that definitely help keep skin in the best condition. So, here are Dr. Lancer’s skincare tips for beautiful skin:

  1. "When you go to sleep with Make Up… that’s the number one mistake.”

    Sleeping with Make Up on is one of the worst things you can do to your skin.  Make Up left on overnight leaves a build-up of debris, oil and impurities which block pores, leading to breakouts and premature signs of aging. Considering Make Up is often worn to cover up signs of imperfections and redness, leaving makeup on overnight is highly counter-intuitive.  During the day, the skin is exposed to pollution from the environment, which on it’s own can cause oxidative damage to the skin.  When Make Up is left on overnight, this damage is compounded and leaves skin looking dull, dry, irritated, even more red and splotchy.
    So, make sure to cleanse off that Make Up as soon as you can each day to leave skin clear.

  2. “Stress reduction is critical.”

    Stress can come in mental, emotional or physical form, and each one wreaks havoc on your skin. Our skin is the medium between you, the environment, and your mind and body, and it is extremely sensitive to the slightest triggers of stress that you feel. This is because when we are stressed, our bodies produce a chemical called Cortisol which damages both Collagen and Elastin tissue.  Collagen and Elastin give our skin it’s youthful bounce, so when they are damaged skin appears duller, less plumped and dry. Stress can also impair the lipid barrier, which causes a loss of moisture and flakiness.
    Try to look at the stress triggers in your life and consider ways in which you can reduce them.

  3. “Food and skin… the number 1 offender is Caffeine.”

    While the Christmas period gave us delicious holiday-flavoured coffees, unfortunately all types of coffee and caffeinated beverages have a serious adverse effect on the health of your skin. Caffeine dilates the capillaries under the skin and increases oil production, which in turn can lead to larger pores and an uneven skin-tone. Drinking an alternate beverage in the morning, like hot water with lemon, will keep your skin in much healthier condition! The water hydrates your skin cells; keeping them free from dryness, while the lemon provides Vitamin C which is essential to promoting a brighter and more youthful complexion.

There we go, three simple rules for helping your skin look its most beautiful. What do you think of Dr. Lancer’s skincare tips?



Skincare Specialist

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