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How to perfect your pout in time for Valentine’s Day

How to perfect your pout in time for Valentine’s Day
Team LF
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Are your lips ready for a Valentine's smooch or are they feeling dry, chapped and less than desirable as a result of this miserable, cold winter season? Fear not! The skin experts at Dermalogica share how to prep, prime and plump your lips, just in time for your special date!

The lip tissue itself is very thin, a mere 3-5 layers compared to 16 on the face. The lip skin also has very little natural protection from oils and melanin meaning this already thin, delicate tissue is prone to premature ageing and extreme dehydration. Think chapped dry lips.

Think about how hardworking the mouth is; it's constantly in action through talking and eating which causes skin to pucker as the circular muscles contract. Perioral ageing is further accelerated by smoking, drinking through a straw, UV exposure, kissing and regular selfie pouts!

Then add to that, the drying winter climate and moisture zapping central heating, our vulnerable lip tissue easily becomes cracked, flaky and dry.

3 Easy Steps to Luscious Lips

1. Prep

Cleansing the lips is just as important as the rest of the face to ensure thorough removal of lipsticks, glosses and any build-up of pollutants and grime from the day. Work the nourishing PreCleanse Balm gently over lips, concentrating on the lip line. This will break down makeup and help prevent micro-congestion (mini blackheads) around the lip line.

2. Prime

Do you ever exfoliate your lips? A regular buff and polish of the lips can help with flakiness and rough texture but gentle formulas are best for this delicate area. Try cult classic Daily Microfoliant to gently smooth your pout. This Rice based powder is gentle enough for sensitive skins and daily use. Activate with water and work a little of the creamy paste over your lips and rinse.

3. Plump

With our lips supplying very little natural moisture we need to keep them well hydrated, this will improve the perception of volume so be sure to moisturise your lips and apply a lip balm with nourishing emollients like Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, along with hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid.

Avoid mineral oil or petroleum based balms though as they can confuse the lip tissue and reduce the production of natural barrier protection.

Pout Perfection

For round the clock, kissable lips try the nourishing Renewal Lip Complex during the day. Infuse lips with a moisturising blend of Avocado Oil and Shea Butter plus a patented polypeptide that restores delicate tissue, minimising the signs of ageing.

Then, before bed, slather on Nightly Lip Treatment to hydrate, restore and firm this area. Shea Butter, rich in phytoactives, nourishes and smoothes whilst Indian Gentian, a traditional Ayurvedic Herb, contains the bioactive molecule Swertiamarin which helps thicken the epidermis reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the lips. This lip treatment is deisgned to be used after cleansing and toning, prior to moisturiser.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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