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The Vichy Idéalia Glowing Skin Diet

The Vichy Idéalia Glowing Skin Diet
Team LF
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The launch of the new Vichy Idéalia Peeling has introduced us to all the ingredients we need to include in our beauty routines for glowing skin. We've coined it the "Vichy Idéalia Glowing Skin Diet" as it's blend of natural and botanical actives has given us our most luminous complexions yet.

Vichy are well known for their healthy skin approach, using a blend of their world-renowned Vichy thermal water, and natural ingredients to create gentle yet effective formulations.

Their skincare products are infused with antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals that go deep into the layers of the skin to make the biggest difference to the health of your cells, and your overall complexion. Hello glowing skin!

Top Foods for Glowing Skin

Vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables are brilliant for the skin when ingested through the body, but did you know they are also brilliant when applied topically?

In collaboration with Vichy, we have selected our top 5 ingredients for glowing skin that will boost your cell health.


The "it" ingredient of the moment is undoubtedly blueberries, thanks to the new Vichy Idéalia Peeling. Sapphire blue, and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, blueberries are fast becoming the trendiest fruit in town.

vichy glowing skin

The deep blue pigment in blueberries comes from a compound of antioxidants known as Anthocyanins, which are brilliant at fighting the signs of ageing by reducing free radical damage and limiting the effects of environmental aggressors on the skin.

The new Vichy Idéalia Peeling contains a blend of Blueberry Polyphenols and fermented Black Tea, which work together to provide unique antioxidant protection for the skin. To be used at night, the resurfacing treatment leaves you with a revitalised complexion, yet is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Black Tea

Everyone knows that tea is a special ingredient when it comes to beauty routines and glowing skin. Green tea is well known for detoxing the body and complexion, while white tea is brilliant for calming the skin, but did you know that black tea is also equally fantastic used in skincare?

vichy glowing skin

Black tea helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressors by fighting off free radicals to prevent skin ageing and damage. Its high caffeine content is brilliant at reducing puffiness and calming down inflammation to energise your skin in the right way and leave it glowing.

The Vichy Idéalia Mattifying Sorbet Cream contains a blend of fermented black tea, which is actually better for your skin than regular black tea. This is because when an ingredient ferments, it works with the sugar and starches to create probiotics, vitamins and lactic acid that boost skin health and renew the complexion.


A glass of orange juice in the morning has long been hailed as the remedy to keep colds at bay thanks to its high Vitamin C content. It is this same vitamin which makes it brilliant to use in your skincare routine.

vichy glowing skin

Vitamin C is essential for the structure, feel and texture of your skin. It helps to even out any uneven tone and pigmentation by boosting collagen production in the skins cells. This in turn, keeps your skin firm and taut, reducing wrinkles and fine lines for a brighter and more youthful complexion.

The Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask is a nourishing and expert treatment, designed to combat dulling and fatigued complexions. The unique Fruit Acid AHA's from both oranges and lemons helps to dissolve dead skin cells to leave your skin radiant, glowing and healthy.

Read more great healthy skin tips from Vichy to help boost the luminosity and elasticity of your complexion..

Team LF
Writer and expert
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