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How to get, big beautiful curls with Diva!

Writer and expert9 years ago
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It’s no secret ladies, here in the Lookfantastic office, we just simply can’t get enough of big, beautiful, bouncing curls that just scream volume – well, who wants boring, poker-straight hair?! I’m not saying we all walk around with massive, 70s-esque hairdos, (although, if we’re being honest, we do love that look, too), but injecting a cheeky boost of volume into our hair does seem to put a bit of a spring into our steps. We’ve decided to share the love and show you how to achieve gorgeous curls  – and what better haircare brand to team up with than Diva Professional Styling?! Their hair stylers are just, awesome.

The ‘Naughty Forties Vintage’ Look



Well, we don’t want to get all cheesy here, but we think this look is totally oozing with romance. It’s the perfect hairstyle for that first date – or any date for that matter. Simple, yet stunning. Here’s how to achieve it with the Diva Glamoriser Professional Digital Auto Curler.

get the look 40s


Step 1: Taking approximately 2cm sections of hair, place the end of the hair firmly under the inside of the tong clip and hold the hair taut from the scalp.

Step 2: Press and hold the motor button and curl away from the face, then follow the hair upwards to about half way from the top of your scalp, keeping the hair taut throughout. Release the motor button to stop the barrel rotating.

Step 3: Hold the barrel in your hair for approximately five seconds, then remove the tong down through the hair, releasing the curl.

Step 4: Softly brush through the curls to make them a little looser.

Step 5: Finish with your favourite setting spray and voilà, you’ve created the Naughty Forties Vintage look!

 The ‘Chelsea Blow Dry’ Look


This next, Diva curly-blow dry look is a little more voluptuous, embracing bigger, bouncier curls that begin just above your shoulders, added volume boost from the roots and a dazzling shine. Here’s how to achieve it with the Ultime 5000 Hot Pink dryer from Diva Professional Styling.

pink diva hairdryer


Step 1: Take out the top section of your hair and clip to the top. Take out the bottom section of your hair and start brushing through.

Step 2: When the roots are dry and the middle section of the bottom of your hair is just starting to dry out, start to roll the brush through as you blow-dry.

Step 3: Put the brush in from the root, pull it down and when you get towards the end, roll the brush upwards. Make sure you keep moving the brush backwards and forwards as you dry, so you don’t put too much heat on the hair.

Step 4: Next, use the cool shot on your hair dryer to help set your hair. Use the twisting technique (as seen in the video), as you blow-dry, to create the curls.

Step 5: Finish with your favourite hairspray and you’re good to go!

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Writer and expert
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