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#LFLoves Paul Mitchell

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A little while ago we held a Q&A  with the Paul Mitchell to celebrate their 35th birthday! We chatted all things hair for the entire hour  using #LFlovesPM.

The chat focused on the new Ultimate Color Repair range which is perfect for the summer as it helps protects hair colour for up to 9 weeks. This collection contains quinoa which repairs the hair and penetrates into hair bonds acting like a magnet, creating a protective shield to the hair; leaving it with 59% more shine. You can tell why it’s such a hit!


Q1: What’s the best deep conditioner for keeping blonde hair nourished all summer?

A1: Paul Mitchell Super charged moisturiser – during the summer a weekly mask is advised!


Q2: What’s the best products to use to thicken my hair, without weighing it down?

A2:Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up – amazing results without a ‘product’ feel!


Q3: What can we do to make sure our colour lasts longer this summer?

A3:Ultimate Colour Repair with quinoa colour locking system. Shampoo, Conditioner, Triple Rescue.


Q4: How can I stop my blonde highlights fading after holiday?

A4: Try Paul Mitchell Dramatic Repair. Hair fades more when porous, this will help!


Q5: I’ve recently dyed my hair red but the colour has faded and lightened several shades in the sun. Please help!

A5: Try PM Ultimate Colour Repair, our newest system of products 9 weeks of vibrant colour protection.


Q6: What PM shampoo and conditioner do you recommend for light every day cleansing? Do you still do a coconut one?

A6: Yes our coconut shampoo is a classic, a gentle every day cleanse. It’s one of my favourites!


Q7: Does PM have a product that you can apply to your hair in the sun or for swimming?

A7: Paul Mitchell sun shield is a holiday essential! Wet hair before the pool and rinse after. Did you know the main cause of colour fading is frequent shampooing, thermal styling and UV exposure?


Q8: How can I help encourage my hair dye to fade?

A8: Try PM shampoo 3 an intensive clarifier. It will gently assist in colour removal.


Q9:What’s the best way to encourage my hair to grow?

A9: Trim regularly and be gentle with it; hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Q10: How can I achieve that wavy beach look that everyone loves?

A10: Awapuhi Wild Ginger texturizing sea spray! This product hydrates your hair and give you a lovely beach wave.


Q11: How should I refresh my hair when I’m going from a day to a night look?

A11: To restyle use Awapuhi moisture mist. To combat oils, use Paul Mitchell dry wash.


Q12: What products would you suggest to create loose long-lasting curls?

A12:Paul Mitchell Twirl Around. It’s a crunch-free curl definer – beautiful curls with support!

If you have any questions for Paul Mitchell, make sure to ask them in the comments box below!

Paul Mitchell Color Care

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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