National Lipstick Day : The Perfect Pink Pout

Since it is National Lipstick Day today, it is the perfect excuse to get our pouts on, and nothing can be more exciting than finding the perfect shade of pink to last you all summer.  However, this can be a little complicated considering there are so many on the market and the last thing we want for our lips is to look out of place. So here is our quick guide on finding the right pink to compliment your skin tone so you can worry about more important things like what shoes you’re going to wear with your new playsuit!

Fair / Light Skin Tones

Day – Sheer and soft colours with Rose tint

Estée Lauder in Electric Mauve


Night – Hot pink with a Blue undertone

Estée Lauder in Magnetic Magenta


Medium / Olive Skin Tones

Day – Nude Pink with deep tones of Brown

Estée Lauder in Descreet


Night – Bright Pink with a Corel or a Berry undertone

Estée Lauder in Poppy Love


Deep Skin Tones

Day – Classy Red undertone

Estée Lauder in Baby Cashmere


Night – Pigmented with Purple undertone

Estée Lauder in Violet Electra


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