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5 reasons to join LF Beauty Plus+ ahead of Cyber weekend…

5 reasons to join LF Beauty Plus+ ahead of Cyber weekend…
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert1 year ago
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The BIGGEST shopping event of the year is almost here! Black Friday (or Cyber Weekend) is the time our wishlists take top priority, with brands on brands offering the very best beauty products at unmissable, dramatically discounted prices.

Cyber deals are good enough on their own – but what if we told you there was a way to improve your shopping experience with next to no effort? If you’re not already acquainted, let us introduce you to LF Beauty Plus+, our (relatively) new loyalty initiative where you can enjoy more of what you love – earning credit to spend across your favourite beauty products!

But why should you join LF Beauty Plus+ specifically for Cyber? Allow us to elaborate…

5 reasons to join LF Beauty Plus+ ahead of Black Friday

1) Exclusive Cyber perks

24th November 2022: If you’re an LF Beauty Plus+ member who also signed up to our Black Friday waitlist, you’ll enjoy early access to our Cyber deals, plus an EXTRA 10% off beauty until 4PM!

25th November - 28th November 2022: LF Beauty Plus+ members can enjoy an EXTRA 10% off for the entire weekend, PLUS an exclusive sitewide gift with purchase! Stay tuned…

2) The more you spend, the more you earn

Like any great loyalty scheme, LF Beauty Plus+ rewards you when you shop beauty with us. You earn 5 +Points for every £1 spent, meaning the more products you purchase, the more credit you’ll earn to redeem on your next shop! You can even build your +Points and climb our tiered loyalty system to bag better beauty rewards – like a free LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box when you hit level two!

3) DOUBLE and TRIPLE +Points to celebrate Cyber

Get your +Points on-point with double the fun in the leadup to Black Friday! From 14th-20th November, LF Beauty Plus+ members will earn DOUBLE +POINTS across all their beauty purchases, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘Enjoy more of what you love’!

What’s more, the fun only increases as we approach Black Friday! From 25th-28th November, Loyalty members can collect TRIPLE POINTS when you shop beauty on LOOKFANTASTIC over Cyber Weekend, giving you the chance to walk away with some serious credit to redeem onsite across your future purchases.

4) Personalised deals & free credit for completing your LF Beauty Plus+ profile

Joining LF Beauty Plus+ and completing your LF Beauty Plus+ profile allows us to get to know you better! Our short quiz gives us an insight into exactly what you’re looking for on a beauty level, meaning we can create personalised deals that are unique to your wants and needs!

You even get 500 +Points automatically, simply from completing your LF Beauty Plus+ profile. What more could you ask for?!

5) Keep earning +Points post-Cyber

Why let the fun stop there? Once you’ve signed up to LF Beauty Plus+, you’ll continue to build +Points with every LOOKFANTASTIC purchase, even after the Cyber discounts have ended. For every £1 spent, you’ll earn 5 +Points – so, if you spent £20 onsite, you’ll receive 100 +Points!

You can even earn +Points in other ways – collect 25 +Points by leaving reviews on your beauty purchases or when you refer a friend to shop at LOOKFANTASTIC. You’ll receive 25 +Points for every successful friend referral!

Convinced? Sign up here!

Still not sold? Check out our in-depth guide to everything you need to know about LF Beauty Plus+. For more info, please see our FAQs and T&Cs...

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
View Penny Lafferty's profile