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Ali Gordon’s Beauty Secret

Ali Gordon’s Beauty Secret
Sophie Pigg
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Everyone is sharing their beauty secrets and our ambassadors couldn't wait to share their's either. Following our Beauty Secret Advent Calendar shoot our ambassadors shared the beauty tips they swear by.

Get to know Ali Gordon

Ali Gordon is a male fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger and has over 211k followers on Instagram. He has become a source of knowledge through his website and blog that give advice on everything from men's grooming to travel.

Ali was persuaded by his partner Lydia Elise Millen to start a blog after she had been blogging for some time. He started by taking the photographs for her blog and then they decided it was time for him to try blogging himself.

His blog was extremely successful and has been able to work with some well known companies. Ali writes to represent the everyday man and covers many aspects of life. He also tries to express his style, love of photography and his passion for fitness.

Ali's Beauty Secret

If I could go back in time... I wish I wasn't so full on in one particular area... That's the advice I'd give just be a bit more balanced.

Ali talks about balance being a massive thing in life. He believes that if he could have given his younger self some advice it would be to achieve balance. Ali said that he used to be really focused on the gym. He now wishes that he would have focused on other aspects of life as well to achieve a balanced life.

Here at Lookfantastic we know how important it is to achieve a balanced healthy life and would love you to channel his advice and achieve this in your life.

We’ve heard what Ali’s beauty secret is but now we want to know YOURS! Share your secret on the Seenit app for the chance to win a £1000 Christmas beauty bundle. All information on how to get involved can be found here.

Also return here to the blog each week as well and YouTube and Instagram for more beauty tips from the experts.

Sophie Pigg
Writer and expert
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