The Best British Skincare Brands

The Best British Skincare Brands

To celebrate our Best of British Campaign, we are turning to the best British skincare brands in the industry and discovering what makes them so special.

If you haven’t ventured into the British beauty territory yet, then you’re missing out. Natural ingredients, powerful technologies and luxurious packaging are becoming synonymous with the British beauty industry, with brands like Aurelia, Elemis and REN creating cutting-edge and unique beauty products.

Top 5 British Skincare Brands

These are the British brands that are known all over the world for their exceptional approach to skincare and celebrated worldwide with a multitude of awards. Find out more:

  1. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
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    Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

    Aurelia Skincare is the brainchild of Claire Vero, who started the brand after working years in the skincare and health industry.

    All of their products are formulated without harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. They use a base of Probiotic Technology to deliver nutrients into the skin and revive the health of your complexion.

    Editor’s Pick: The Miracle Cleanser is unbelievable and effectively gets rid of all traces of makeup and dirt, while leaving skin feeling incredibly soft and looking radiant.

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  2. Oskia
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    This British skincare brand is so unique in its approach to ingredients that we can’t help but be intrigued by them.

    Their main ingredient in their products is MSM, which is a Mineral rich in Sulphur, which helps to increase Collagen production and detoxify the skin. Our complexions certainly look brighter after using their products!

    Editor’s Pick: The Renaissance Mask is the perfect complexion pick-me-up. It’s formulated with Natural Fruit Acids to exfoliate away dead skin cells without irritating the skin. It’s our perfect pre party mask.

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  3. Beuti Skincare
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    Beuti Skincare

    There might only be one product in this British skincare brand’s current line up, but it’s a real winner.

    Reportedly loved by Emma Watson and the Duchess of Cambridge, the Beuti Sleep Elixir is made up of 14 Plant and Nut Oils which deliver nutrients into the skin to keep it glowing. The idea behind the product is “anti-inflammaging”, which works to keep your skin healthy, radiant and irritation free.

    Editor’s Pick: The Beuti Sleep Elixir, because what else?

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  4. Elemental Herbology
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    Elemental Herbology

    Although this brand is based on the Five Element Theory in traditional Chinese Medicine of Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water, it’s roots are firmly set in England.

    Elemental Herbology use a base of Herbal Extracts, Plant and Essential Oils, Vitamins and Anti-oxidants to create products that work and actually change the health of your skin.

    They believe that balance is key to achieving your perfect complexion, and that your lifestyle plays a huge role in your skin’s vitality, which is why they base their products around the 5 elements.

    Editor’s Pick: Cleansing Oils are becoming a huge trend right now, and they help you to relax whilst massaging your skin. The Elemental Herbology Harmonising Facial Cleansing Oil removes all traces of makeup and dirt to leave your skin glowing.

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  5. NEOM Organics
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    NEOM Organics

    NEOM Organics is one of our absolute favourite brands here at Lookfantastic. There is a product to suit any stressful emergency, and their gorgeous blends of essential oils calm us down and keep us grounded.

    Their products are completely natural and organic, and are formulated with only the finest ingredients for your skin.

    Although they have a range of candles and reed diffusers, their skincare line is just as impressive and one that they are going to be expanding, so watch this space!

    Editor’s Pick: The NEOM Tranquility Intensive Skin Treatment Candle can be lit to create a soothing atmosphere, and then once the wax has heated up, can be poured over the body and massaged in for super soft skin.

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