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Discover: LDN: SKINS

Discover: LDN: SKINS
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With many of us professing to the mantra that life is simply better with a tan, self tanning has become a saving grace that allows us to look and feel our best no matter what the weather. However, with so much choice, finding the right product to not only colour your skin but keep it nourished and protected can be tricky.

Introducing LDN:SKINS; an exclusive range of professional self tanning products infused with natural oils that promises a luxurious finish. Unlike other tanning products, the LDN:SKINS range is complemented by the subtle scents of English Lavender, leaving no lingering tell-tale ‘tanning’ odour. Enriched with Avocado, Melon and Aloe Vera Oils, the products leave a long-lasting colour whilst conditioning, calming and hydrating the skin for a truly flawless finish.

A Tanning Routine with LDN: SKINS

Achieving the perfect golden glow coming out of the summer months is simple with a self-tan from LDN:SKINS. Their innovative formulations develop into a natural looking colour that complements the natural tone of the skin, as well as keeping it looking healthy and feeling hydrated.

Offering a quick and easy way of tanning, LDN:Skins promises skin that is nourished and protected with an all-over glow from head to toe. Incorporating everything you need to keep your skin bronzed and beautiful, their unique products are packed full of active ingredients, vitamins and essential oils.

Self Tan Lotion

For skin that feels soft and smooth with an even and enviable glow, choose our Self Tan Lotion in Tone 2. This luxurious moisturising cream provides an instant colour that develops into a deep and long-lasting tan. It takes just minutes to apply and contains a wealth of moisturising ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin as it colours.

The Self Tan Lotion leaves a guide colour on the skin, allowing you to see exactly where the product has been applied and any areas that may have been missed. Its easy application guarantees a streak-free, smooth finish that hides blemishes and creates a flawless base. Once you’ve applied the Self Tan Lotion, wait at least 8 hours for your sun-kissed glow to develop before washing off.

Gradual Tan

The Gradual Tan is the ideal introductory product if you’re new to tanning or have pale skin, as it offers the perfect choice for providing a more natural colour. This light and subtle solution allows you the versatility to build a shade to suit your skin tone over the course of a week, resulting in a smooth and naturally bronzed look.

Unlike other self-tanning solutions, Gradual Tan has the benefit of providing the skin with a buildable colour which makes it the perfect product to restore radiance to your skin all year round. It is recommend to apply your Gradual Tan in the evening, which allows it to develop while you sleep and ensure you wake up to a subtle glow come morning.

Moisturising Body Lotion

Prior to tanning it is vital to apply a touch of moisturiser to drier areas of the skin, such as the knees and elbows, to avoid a tell-tale build up of colour. The LDN:Skins Moisturising Body Lotion has been enriched with a plethora of naturally moisturising ingredients designed to hydrate and protect your skin from premature ageing and damage.

Used daily, this unique lotion delivers an intensive boost of moisture to restore softness and elasticity whilst its refreshing scent promises to revitalize and invigorate. Simply massage gently into the skin to enhance and prolong your LDN:Skins self-tan.

Professional Exfoliator

To make the most out of your golden glow it is essential to ensure you are applying the product to an even base. It is recommended the exfoliate the skin 24 hours prior to the application of your LDN:Skins self-tan to enhance and invigorate the skin and ensure the perfect finish.

The exfoliant gently buffs the skin to polish roughness and eliminate dead skin cells. Skin texture is refined and skin tone balanced, which guaranteed the smoothest base for your self-tan product to glide on to.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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