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A filter in a bottle: Why GLAMGLOW’s new INSTAMUD™ Treatment is instantly beautifying

A filter in a bottle: Why GLAMGLOW’s new INSTAMUD™ Treatment is instantly beautifying
Team LF
Writer and expert5 years ago
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The new GLAMGLOW INSTAMUD™ 60-SECOND PORE-REFINING TREATMENT has been designed as a 60-second flash filter for your skin. No matter what skin type you have (including sensitive), this face mask will help to refine pores, even out skin tone and leave your complexion looking like it does in your favourite filter.

What's in the GLAMGLOW INSTAMUD™ Treatment?

Packed with a blend of beautifying ingredients, it's also important to mention that the GLAMGLOW INSTAMUD™ Treatment contains no parabens or phthalates, making it great to use on all skin types and concerns.

  • Bentonite & kaolin clays - Deeply cleansing, these clays help to draw impurities from out of the skin to refine pore size and leave skin smooth.
  • Witch hazel - Perfect if you suffer from breakouts, witch hazel helps to calm down and soothe redness, evening out the skin tone.
  • Liquorice root - Extremely calming and nourishing, this is the perfect ingredient if you suffer from skin redness.
  • Aloe vera - Hydrating and instantly cooling, aloe vera is great as it cushions the clarifying effects of the clays.

How does the mask work?

Upon contact with the skin, you will see this lilac-hued mask start to bubble, which we admit is incredibly mesmering to watch. This is because the mud treatment reacts with the elements in the air and activates into microbubbles; it's nothing to be scared of, it's a pleasant tingle that lets you know the mask is working.

After 60 seconds, you just need to rinse the mask away using warm water and you're left with a filtered complexion, quite literally. Forget the Instagram filter, this is the only product you need for perfected summer skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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