In the Spotlight: Patricia Bright

In the Spotlight: Patricia Bright

A Youtuber, Beauty Enthusiast and most importantly a Mother, Patricia Bright has been sharing her love of makeup, fashion and life with her social following since 2010.

Previously working in Accountancy and Finance, Patricia is as intelligent as she is beautiful and creates YouTube videos and blog posts full time for her 1.5million followers. She talks honestly about promoting self-confidence, with regular appearances from her Nigerian family, husband Mike and of course the adorable baby Grace.

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With so many eyes on her at all times, it would be easy to think that Patricia’s spotlight is her YouTube channel. However she confessed that she actually feels the most in the spotlight when she is setting an example to her daughter. When we asked her about this, she said…

If I was to tell my daughter about beauty, it’s to have fun with it but don’t use it as a shield, use it to add something extra to yourself once in a while – Patricia Bright

Beauty In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight With Patricia Bright

  1. What does being in the spotlight mean to you?
    Being in the spotlight is about being an example to the women that are in my life, including my mother and daughter.
  2. What is your Spotlight Saviour?
    My Spotlight Saviour is the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. It gives a radiant coverage and leaves me feeling confident and flawless.
  3. Why is it your spotlight saviour?
    It’s really important to have a skin that looks good and also looks like mine. My spotlight saviour makes me feel real.

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