A Powerful Beauty Routine With Foreo

A Powerful Beauty Routine With Foreo

They’ve taken the beauty world by storm with their powerful facial cleansing brushes and unique toothbrushes. Now, they have become an absolute must-have for any beauty enthusiast, including our ambassador Caggie Dunlop.

For those looking to up their skincare game with powerful devices, FOREO is your best bet.

FOREO gives a Power Boost to your Beauty Routine

It’s time to take a look at our favourite facial cleansing brushes and see how to incorporate them in your skincare regimen, for an incredibly radiant complexion.

  1. Deep Cleanse with the FOREO Luna
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    Deep Cleanse with the FOREO Luna

    With its soft silicone brush and its unique T-Sonic™ Technology, the FOREO LUNA is the ultimate skincare device your skin needs to give it a daily at-home facial.

    When used across your skin, its trans-dermal sonic pulsations deliver a deep yet non-abrasive cleansing effect that is significantly more efficient than washing your skin by hand. It not only removes any blemish-causing impurities and makeup particles, but also refines the appearance of pores and increases the absorption of your skincare products; making it the most powerful beauty tool in your repertoire.

    All you need is to use your LUNA 2 twice a day for 1 minute and you’ll start to see a difference after only a few days of use.

    Apply your favourite FOREO Cleanser onto dry skin, wet your LUNA 2 device and gently massage with the Cleansing Mode activated, before rinsing. With its adjustable pulsation intensities, this facial cleansing brush works for all skin types. That being said, the FOREO has a variety of different devices specially designed to suit the particular needs of your skin.

    For instance, the LUNA 2 for oily skin works to unclog pores and lift away dirt and oil, to leave you with an incredibly fresh and clean complexion. Or, if your skin gets easily irritated, your best option is the LUNA for ultra sensitive skin, that will remove impurities without leaving you irritated and sore.

    Once you’ve tried a FOREO cleansing device, you will want to take it everywhere with you. The good news is that the device also exists in smaller sizes which fit easily in your weekend suitcase or your gym bag. We’ve even reviewed them for you to make your decision easier.

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  2. Up Your Eye Care Routine With The FOREO IRIS Eye Massager
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    Up Your Eye Care Routine With The FOREO IRIS Eye Massager

    There’s nothing like the FOREO IRIS to add some power to your eye care ritual and boost the benefits of your eye cream. The secret behind this miracle eye massager is the advanced alternating T-Sonic Technology, replicating the “eye-tapping” that does wonders around the eyes.

    Indeed, the skin on this area is much thinner than anywhere else on your face and requires specific care. That’s why the IRIS device, made of an extra soft silicone material, is the gentle yet efficient tool you need.

    The device not only reduces under-eye puffiness and the appearance of fine lines, but also increases micro-circulation and rejuvenates this area. As a result, the skin around your eyes looks visibly smoother and brighter.

    Apply your favourite eye cream around your eye area then use your FOREO IRIS on your eye contour, from the centre to outer eye, both under and above. Since you only need to spend 30 seconds per eye, this extra step will fit perfectly into your routine and give you amazing results.

    If you’d like to know more about the FOREO IRIS, take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this incredibly effective device.

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  3. Clean Your Teeth Like a Pro with the FOREO ISSA
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    Clean Your Teeth Like a Pro with the FOREO ISSA

    The ISSA PRO toothbrush offers you the best of the dental care technology to date. Ergonomically, the brush is flexible enough to curve to the shape of your mouth and reach every crevice, to help you get the cleanest mouth you’ve ever had.

    If you’re suffering from sensitive gums and teeth and usually avoid electronic brushes, this one will be a game changer. Indeed, it’s designed with soft silicone bristles that create the perfect friction without causing any harm. And its pulsating action gently stimulates your gums by encouraging blood flow, which reduces the risk of gum disease.

    The ISSA PRO brush allows you to choose between 8 different speed options and even boosts the efficiency of your cleaning: every 15 seconds, the faster pulse indicates that it’s time to brush another area of your mouth.

    After 2 minutes, this smart device will let you know that you’ve completed your dental routine.

    Happy brushing!

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