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The best face masks for busy beauties

The best face masks for busy beauties
Team LF
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Although we all dedicate time and attention to our skin each morning and night, sometimes we need a quick-fix to perk up our complexion and prepare our skin for the day ahead.

Face masks are the perfect way to instantly transform your complexion. Even if you only have five spare minutes in the morning, using a face masks will help to add some serious glow and a boost of hydration to your skin.

We've gathered together our favourite quick-fix face masks to help you achieve a beautiful complexion without losing too many precious minutes out of your day.

Darphin Lumiere Instant Purifying and Illuminating Mask

Purify and smooth your complexion with the Lumiere Essential Instant Purifying and Illuminating Mask from Darphin. The dual-purpose face mask contains two formulas: a white, clay-based mask to purify and a rich, hydrating mask to illuminate.

Each mask only needs five minutes to work their magic, instantly improving the appearance of your skin. Enriched with Kaolin Clay, the white Instant Purifying Mask draws out dirt and impurities in your pores to leave your skin clear and smooth. The second mask, the Instantly Illuminating Mask utilises Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate the skin and restore radiance.

STARSKIN SILKMUD Pink French Clay Purifying Sheet Mask

Most purifying, clay-based masks are a little messy and take a while to apply, set and wash off. The beauty of the STARSKIN SILKMUD Pink French Clay Purifying Mask is that it comes in sheet form meaning no mess and no fuss.

Infused with a potent trio of Pink French Clay, Kaolin Clay and Bentonite, the SILKMUD mask helps to combat blemishes and decongest your skin without stripping your complexion of essential moisture. Skin will be left smooth and refined with a soft matte finish.

Origins Flower Fusion Jasmine Hydrating Sheet Mask

Treat your skin to a burst of hydration with the Origins Flower Fusion Jasmine Hydrating Sheet Mask. Enriched with pure flower extracts, the Hydrating Sheet Mask works to deeply quench your skin, restoring a radiant, healthy looking complexion.

Crafted with natural Bamboo, the face mask perfectly adheres to the contours of your face. Jasmine essential oils create a truly delightful sensorial experience whilst the mask nourishing and hydrates your skin. Skin will be left radiant and dewy.

DECLÉOR Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask

Add instant radiance and glow to dull, tired skin with the DECLÉOR Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask. In just three minutes, the Radiance Mask will boost your complexion adding a divine glow to your skin.

Infused with Elemi Essential Oil to boost micro-circulation and Saro Essential Oil to strengthen your skin's natural defences and refine texture, the Radiance Mask promotes a supple and illuminated complexion. The addition of AHA Acid Fruit Complex made up of Passionfruit, Grape and Pineapple extracts attack dullness on the skin's surface, leaving you with a healthy glow.

J.One Black Jelly Pack Multi-Functional Overnight Gel Mask

Busy beauties need to make the most of every spare moment, even if that means using your precious hours sleeping to treat your skin. K-Beauty has really pushed sleep masks to the forefront of the beauty industry - taking beauty sleep to a whole new level.

The Black Jelly Pack Multi-Functional Overnight Gel Mask from Korean brand J.One is one of our favourites.The luxurious formula delivers the benefits of a serum and a mask in one unique treatment - beautifying your skin as you sleep.

Featuring Black Bee Propolis and Black Truffle Extract, the glow enhancing mask replenishes the moisture in your skin overnight, leaving your complexion radiant and quenched by morning.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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