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The Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Kit

The Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Kit
Team LF
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It's my final review for Haircare Awareness Month and what a better way to end it than with probably the most famous kit created to combat hair thinning - the Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy regime. This kit includes a unique and innovative trio of products that were seven years in the making, so it's safe to say that I went into trailing them with high expectations!

The kit contains a scalp and hair  treatment, a volumising spray and, most interestingly of all, a dose of 90 tablets. The products are each designed to target different areas to help those with fine, damaged and thinning hair to reveal the healthy luscious locks they've always dreamed of.

With the amount of hype surrounding this kit and it's price tag of £120 I was determined to discover whether they could possibly live up to it.

What is my hair type?


What does the Regime aim to do?

The kit contains the Tricho Complex supplement pack to get to work on diet, the Tricho 7 scalp treatment to target the roots and hair growth, and the Tricho Pro protein treatment spray to repair, protect and beautify.

All together, they mean your hair should get an all round treatment to boost hair growth and volume from the inside out.


My Review of the Kit

Simply put, this kit works! Combined with my favourite volumising shampoo and conditioner, I feel like I've discovered the secret to salon-worthy fuller hair. It's the same type of feeling you get when you find the perfect moisturiser for your skin or the perfect shade of lipstick to complement your complexion; there's no going back!

I think it's down to the way that every need of my hair is addressed (all the way down to the vitamins and minerals I put into my body). I've never used an all-round kit before but I have no idea why! I'd highly recommend this set to anyone, not just those with thinning hair, as I can safely say mine has never looked better. I've even got family members addicted!

Highlights included the luxurious glass packaging of the bottles, and the Tricho 7 treatment. It has shown me just how much I neglected my scalp prior to this (especially when I compare it to how much care I put into my skincare - it's scandalous!).

In fact, I'd go as far as saying that it's the best thing I've ever done for my hair. I think I'll be hard pressed to find anything in the future to beat it so it's safe to say that it's around to stay.

  • 1.Tricho 7 Volumising Hair and Scalp Treatment

    Tricho 7 Volumising Hair and Scalp Treatment

    Tricho 7 Volumising Hair and Scalp Treatment

    4.57 Stars 7 Reviews
    How to use: I applied the treatment everyday using the pipette and concentrated on my scalp at the front and crown. I then worked it in with my fingertips and did not rinse out. The results: I first I was hesitant as I thought that it might make my hair greasy. Happily, however, this was not the case! In fact my hair felt as though it was more full - especially a week or so into using it, and I definitely saw a vast improvement in my scalp health in particular. It's also one of those products that you really notice a difference with once you stop using it, so beware and stock up!
  • 2.Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray

    Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray

    Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray

    4.25 Stars 4 Reviews
    How to use: I used the volumising protein spray the same way that I would a mousse, applying it evenly to towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots and mid-lengths. I also used a comb to ensure even distribution of the product throughout. I used it about 3 times a week. The Results: The spray gives you instant volume and texture (similar to a strong mousse), without any of the stickiness or unsightly residue. In fact my hair was much easier to work with and once again, with continued use, my hair become even more full and voluminous.
  • 3.Tricho Complex Hair Nutrition Formula

    Tricho Complex Hair Nutrition Formula

    Tricho Complex Hair Nutrition Formula

    5 Stars 4 Reviews
    How to use: I took 2 tablets per day with water after eating my breakfast. They advice that after 4 months you should reduce this to 1 tablet per day though so it's good to have that in mind. Results: As expected, results from taking the supplement took a little longer to notice, however with patience I began to see a noticeable difference in the condition of my hair (and nails!). Not only was my hair visibly healthier with improved shine and radiance, but the shedding (especially when brushing it when wet) was reduced. It's a supplement that has become part of my daily routine and it's not going anywhere!

Have you tried this collection? Do you love other ranges from Phillip Kingsley? If so, let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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