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Review: Pureology Smooth Perfection

Review: Pureology Smooth Perfection
Sally Lewis
8 years ago
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My hair is naturally very curly, but I like to wear it smooth and sleek as it suits my style a little better. However, trying to tame my curls daily is starting to have serious effects on my hair such as dryness, damage and breakage. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right balance between styling my hair the way I like it and keeping it as healthy as possible! I was therefore intrigued when I came across the Pureology Smooth Perfection collection.

The Smooth Perfection range has been formulated to fight signs of frizz and unruly locks. The unique formulations contain a base of Shea Butter to intensely nourish and provide essential hydration to dry hair, Sesame Oils to keep the hair healthy and well-cared for, and Camellia Oil to fight frizz at its very source. The unique elixir also contains an exclusive Thermal Anti-Fade Complex, which helps to keep you hair glossy and vibrant. This is perfect if you have coloured or highlighted hair, and want to keep your colour in tact as well as smooth.

What Is My Hair Type?

Pureology Smooth Perfection

First Impressions Of The Pureology Smooth Perfection

Firstly, I absolutely love the bright pink colour of the bottle! It really stands out in my bathroom and makes me feel happy every time I see it. When I opened the shampoo bottle, the first thing that I noticed was the really sweet fragrance, almost like parma violets! I love this scent, but if you prefer woody or less feminine fragrances, then this might not be for you. The consistency itself was quite thick and it lathered up really well considering it's sulphate-free (a chemical used in most shampoos to help them foam up, but they can actually strip the colour of your hair.)

The consistency of the conditioner felt great too. When I first massaged it through the ends, I thought it would leave my hair quite oily, but by the time I had blow dried it, I was left with a really smooth and weightless finish. I would recommend making sure that you thoroughly rinse out the conditioner however to ensure that no product is left behind.

Results Of The Collection

I really enjoyed using both the Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner, and feel like they made a difference to my usually frizzy hair! One of the reasons I love Pureology is that they also care for colour, and throughout the trial, my hair remained vibrant and shiny. After using for a week, I felt that my hair looked stronger and healthier and had less breakage when I styled it with heat.

Another bonus came in the form of drying time! Usually it takes me a long time to dry my hair with a hairdryer, which leads to it feeling dry and fizzy. With the shampoo and conditioner duo however, I felt that the drying time had been reduced and when I used my straighteners, my hair seemed a lot smoother and sleeker too.

I would definitely recommend the range for anyone who suffers from the dreaded frizz and dryness associated with curly hair and over-styling. I would also like to try the brand's Smoothing Serum to see if that would make the results even better!

My hair is naturally super curly, but I prefer to wear it straight or wavy. Washing it regularly and then having to blow dry it straight, straighten it, then wave it can be a bit much for my hair, so I’m in need of something to help smooth out the kinks and curls and make the whole process a little faster and less damaging to my hair!