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3 Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles

3 Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles
Writer and expert6 years ago
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In summer, our hair can get up to mischief. With hair easily going flat or frizzy from the humidity, fringes getting stuck to our foreheads and our necks feeling overheated from having our hair down, it can be a nightmare. We have 3 quick hairstyles you can try out to get rid of all your Summer hair woes, with no hot styling tools required!

  • 1.The Double Ponytail

    The Double Ponytail
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    This is the sneaky way to make it look like you have a ton of long, voluminous hair, all while keeping it back and out of the way. Brush hair into a half-up, half-down ponytail and secure. Then pull the remaining hair into a pony just below your first one. Secure them both with a snag-free tie, like the Invisibobble. Gently tease the top ponytail for a little volume and then the two will blend to look like one long, full pony. Perfect!
  • 2.The Low Bun

    The Low Bun
    This is our favourite summer hairstyle if we need to look sophisticated in a rush. The knot keeps the hair away from our face and neck, which is perfect for the heat, and a little bit of volume at the crown keeps it chic. Turn your head upside down and spritz dry shampoo into the roots for added grip and volume. Then flip hair back and pull into a twist at the nape of the neck. Continue twisting into a knot before securing with pins. Tease our hair at the crown and sides for volume and you're ready to go. For a salon-standard up-do, invest in the Nouveau Knot Gift Set from label.m, which contains everything you need and a step-by-step guide so you can be the belle of the ball, whatever the weather.
  • 3.The Twisted Fringe

    The Twisted Fringe
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    Want to get that fringe or those layers away from your face in the heat? This is the simplest and chicest way to go about it. First, give all of your hair a good spritz with a spray that will help fight humidity and frizz. It will add control and shine. Pull your fringe or layers forward over your face, so they look like a triangle-shaped section starting from middle of your crown. Twist it 2 or 3 times before flipping it back over your head and pinning back.
Writer and expert
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