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Baked Makeup: What is the Difference?

Baked Makeup: What is the Difference?
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Ovens aren't just for cakes; lots of makeup brands are bringing out baked shadows and powders, but what does that actually mean? We're letting you know what the difference is between baked makeup and normal makeup, as well as sharing some of our favourites.

Baked Blush vs Powder Blush

Powders are usually made from lots of pressed powders but baked powders are actually creams that have been baked slowly in a specialist oven until they are dry. This is what gives baked makeup some of its unique attributes:

  • The baked cream gives baked makeup an ultra soft, velvety texture
  • The baking tends to leave a marbled effect and the powders give a luminous finish
  • Less talc is needed as a filler like in powders, so you're left with a more pigmented colour
  • Can be applied wet or dry, with a spritz of water letting you get more intense payoff

This means that baked makeup is perfect for eye makeup, blushers, bronzers and highlighters, as well as silky soft face powders.

The Best Baked Makeup

There are lots of options out there but here are some of our baked makeup favourites.

    Writer and expert
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