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Beauty Icon: Princess Diana

Beauty Icon: Princess Diana
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Princess Diana was a lot of things to a lot of people. An incredible philanthropist, she was known not only for her royal status but her ability to be both elegant and incredible down to earth. It isn't for nothing that she was known as the people's princess. We're celebrating her iconic beauty with a little look at 5 of her best loved looks.

With her signature short cropped blonde hair, tanned skin and simple makeup, Diana had a signature beauty style that she applied to every occasion. We love that whatever event, she looked so perfectly like herself.

 5 of Diana's Most Iconic Looks


Casual and sporty

We love that Diana was just as happy in high-tops and a sweatshirt as she was a ballgown. Simple, sporty and casual, this is one of our favourite unexpected Diana looks.

Effortless and Classic

On her many trips around Europe and Africa campaigning against Landmines and meeting survivors, Diana always struck the balance just right. A bare face, denim and a white shirt was a practical, classic and effortless look that worked every time.

Tanned and Beautiful

Diana was a fan of the sunshine and we can't help but admire her long bronzed limbs. Totally at home in the Mediterranean, we love her simple, athletic holiday style.

Chic and Ladylike

The camel wrap coat, pearl earrings and structured ladylike handbag are just Chelsea all over. We can't help but adore this uptown style that Diana carried off so well.

Glamorous and Elegant

Known for that black dress, Diana's red carpet elegance was renowned the world over. We love that she usually kept her everyday look with just a few adjustments: adding a little extra lipstick and eyeliner and making her hairstyles a little slicker but still looking just like herself.
Writer and expert
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