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9 lavender infused products for the dreamiest night sleep

9 lavender infused products for the dreamiest night sleep
Team LF
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With ever busier and stressful lives, it has never been more important for us to find time to switch off and relax than today.

Self-care and self-wellness are trends on the up, but here at lookfantastic, they mean so much more to us than fashionable fads. We believe they should be at the heart of everything we do, as when we look after our own wellbeing, we can give so much more to the world and those around us.

One of the best places to start when thinking about self-care is through our sleep habits. When we don't get enough shut-eye, we can see it in our skin and body, and feel it in our mood and emotional wellbeing.

We have rounded up some of our favourite lavender infused products that help us sleep better and feel calmed, relaxed and nurtured.

this works Limited Edition Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml

The this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is formulated with a blend of sleep-inducing lavender, chamomile and vetivert to help you inhale calmness and exhale feelings of anxiety and tension. It is best spritzed onto pillows and bed linen to help get its full benefits; it's a sleep staple here at lookfantastic.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil (55ml)

Do you have aching muscles or sore joints? If so you will love the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil. Infused with invigorating black pepper, ginger and rosemary, it also contains lavender to help you relax and ease feelings of anxiety.

NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep Scented Travel Candle

If you're travelling anywhere this weekend and want to make sure you have a calming atmosphere, take the NEOM Tranquility Scented Candle in travel size with you. Infused with sweet basil and English lavender, it's the ultimate soothing scent.

ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy 55ml

If you want to multitask and experience the therapeutic benefits of lavender, all while restoring your skin, try the ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy. It helps to hydrate dehydrated complexions as you sleep, while encapsulated lavender releases its soothing scent over a long period of time for a promoted sense of calm and relaxation.

Weleda Relaxing Bath Milk - Lavender 200ml

Weleda's Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk is perfect if you love to have a warm bath to help you relax and ease feelings of tension. Infused with lavender, the scent immediately transports you to a sense of calm, whilst also working to reduce joint pain and muscular aches caused by stress.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml

Transport yourself to a sleep paradise with the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser, which can be used anywhere in the home when you need a little extra TLC. We love to add the Scent to Sleep essential oil blend into the diffuser, which is infused with lavender to help you have the dreamiest night's sleep.

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Bath & Shower Drops

The NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Oil Drops can be used in both the shower and bath to promote a peaceful state of mind. With English lavender, jasmine and sweet basil, it emits the most beautifully dreamy scent for a relaxing start to your bedtime routine.

Westlab Sleep Bathing Salts 1kg

New from Westlab are their Sleep Bathing Salts, which are made from 100% natural ingredients and are both vegan and cruelty-free. Made with a blend of both epsom and Dead Sea salts, they are infused with lavender, jasmine and valerian to promote a peaceful night's sleep.

Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist 45ml

Spritz a couple of sprays of the Neal's Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist onto bed linen to help you fall asleep easily. It not only contains soothing lavender and vetivert, but also mandarin to help uplift your senses and boost your mood.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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