Skincare and Makeup Secrets from NARS MUA Anna Priadka

Skincare and Makeup Secrets from NARS MUA Anna Priadka

As part of the Pro Series month, we’re asking industry experts to share some of their best advice for getting that professional finish. We met up with Anna Priadka, NARS’ Lead UK and Europe Stylist and got the inside scoop on the products she swears by as well as the trends and techniques she loves.

The Bio

Anna is originally from Manchester (our home city too!) but moved to London for her makeup artist career and now has over 12 years of experience in the industry.

Anna has worked for NARS as one of their top makeup artists for a few years now, working on campaigns with them as well as being at New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Her signature style is all about bold colours and beautiful techniques– perfect for the amazing range of shades across the NARS collections!

The Interview

Find out what Anna had to say about her favourite products and the best beauty tips.

Question: What is the one NARS item you cannot live without?

Definitely the Multi-Action Hydrating Toner.

This is a wonder product to prep the skin as it has a gentle exfoliator in it that helps remove any dry patches of skin from models lips or skin.

Question: Can you share a beauty secret you swear by?

Using a healthy dose of moisturiser is key to help prep and plump the models’ skin before the makeup.

Their skin is constantly being stripped and made up, so looking after it for them is key. It really helps the makeup to sit better, so it is always my essential before starting a look.

Question: Who is your beauty icon?

Sophia Loren. I love how she always accentuates her eyes into a more prominent almond shape by using eyeliner and always uses the perfect nude to finish on her lips.

Question: What are your makeup favourites for this Autumn?

I love the trend of skin effects; using lots of different textures on one skin- for instance using a matte finish all over but then contrasting it with a glossy cheekbone.

Deep bold lips for sure are another big trend this AW16. The key is layering, building up different dark colours and textures to create bespoke shades.

Question: What’s the ultimate quick fix for flawless skin?

I love Radiant Creamy Concealer to fix any problems on the skin- it has a rich smoothing texture that instantly evens out flaws and imperfections.

I also really like that you can also build it on top of existing makeup easily; just pat gently over the skin with a damp cosmetic sponge.



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