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Are serum-infused mascaras worth the hype? Team LF tells all…

Are serum-infused mascaras worth the hype? Team LF tells all…
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Beauty innovations are rife across the industry, with many brands on a mission to brew up the most iconic trend since soap brows. Enter serum mascaras, the hybrid formulas that pair volumising power with long-term nourishing and lengthening benefits.

Though serum mascaras may sound like a phase, they do boast a host of positive qualities. They aim to condition, strengthen and elongate your lashes, thanks to a blend of caring ingredients.

To put the benefits to the test, our beauty team tried out the brand NEW Lancôme Exclusive Le 8 Hypnôse Serum-Infused Volumising Mascara to see whether serum-infused mascaras really are worth the hype. Here’s what we thought…

Penny, Senior Beauty Writer
Penny, before and after

“Volumising mascaras tend to weigh down my lashes, eclipsing any trace of curl or length. But not this one! Lancôme’s feather-light formula applies so smoothly and evenly – probably because it’s infused with a nourishing serum! It features peptides and sustainably-sourced shea butter, lending my lashes a conditioning treat as it lifts each hair to new heights.”

Alice, Beauty Writer
Alice, before and after

"I typically stress about wearing mascara every day as I don't want it to harm the health of my lashes, so having a serum-infused formula is my dream come true! Packed with amino acids, this mascara is super gentle and my lashes feel conditioned and soft after removing it. Plus, the volumising wand is non-clumpy, leaving my lashes looking long, thick and fluttery all day long.'

Holly, Beauty Writer
Holly, before and after

“When it comes to mascaras, clumping is a big pet peeve of mine. This mascara perfectly balances creating ultra-natural, clump free lashes whilst adding just the right amount of length and volume. The serum-enriched formula feels lightweight on my lashes and is easy to take off, not pulling out any of my natural eyelashes or drying them out. Having very oily skin and watery eyes, especially with the current high-pollen levels, I haven’t had any problems with running or smudging; an all round 5-star product!”

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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