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Shampoo: A Silk Pillowcase For Hair?

Shampoo: A Silk Pillowcase For Hair?
Team LF
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Silk has long been considered a luxurious ingredient thanks to its soft texture and smooth feel. In this respect, it makes sense to be used in haircare when we want gorgeously healthy and silky locks. A lot of brands are now formulating their products using Silk Amino Acids, which help to support the natural structure of the hair fibres, while leaving them smooth and sleek.

What Are The Benefits Of Silk In Haircare?

Silk itself has a very tight molecular structure, and it is this structure which helps to keep moisture in and prevent water loss. It helps to keep it moisturised, soft and free from tangles. This is great as your hair goes through the process of washing, drying and styling almost daily, and so needs a little nourishment to help keep it protected.

Top 5 Silk Haircare Products

  • 1.Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo and Conditioner

    Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo and Conditioner
    4.25 Stars 8 Reviews
    Hair Type: Normal What: Silk Extract Why: It helps to smooth down the hair fibres so your hair appears sleeker and more manageable. Along with Pro-Keratin, the shampoo and conditioner help to rebuild your locks and repair any damaged fibres to leave your hair gorgeous, shiny and healthy. Follow Up: Use the Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray, to help further condition your hair and leave it super smooth even after heat styling.
  • 2.Sachajuan Colour Save Shampoo

    Sachajuan Colour Save Shampoo
    Hair Type: Coloured What: Ocean Silk Technology Why: This technology is unique to Sachajuan and is made up of a unique blend of Minerals and Proteins, which are extracted from Sea Algae. The result is super smooth and healthy hair which is enriched with Vitamins and Amino Acids. Follow Up: Use the Sachajuan Conditioner which contains the same technology to infuse your hair with health and shine.
  • 3.Wella Professionals Enrich Trio

    Wella Professionals Enrich Trio
    Hair Type: Flat What: Silk Extract Why: This trio of Wella products are a brilliant boost for your hair if they are in need of a volume lift. They all contain Natural Silk Extract, which helps to condition the hair without weighing the fibres down, giving you supremely healthy and voluminous locks. Follow Up:  Use the Wella Professionals Enrich Repair Serum to seal in your hair's moisture and leave it glossy and radiant.
  • 4.TIGI S-Factor Serious Shampoo

    TIGI S-Factor Serious Shampoo
    Hair Type: Damaged What: Silk Amino Acids Why: This intense formula relies on a unique formulation including Sunflower Seed Oil to repair damaged fibres and leave them stronger, healthier and more pliable. By delivering the nutrients all the way through the hair shaft, hair is left feeling healthy all the way from the root to the tip. Follow Up: Use the TIGI S-Factor Serious Conditioner to lock in the moisture from your shampoo and leave your locks sleek and smooth.
  • 5.Redken All Soft Shampoo

    Redken All Soft Shampoo
    4.69 Stars 301 Reviews
    Hair Type: Dry What: Silk Luxe Complex Why: This shampoo rehydrates dry hair to leave it feeling super soft and shiny. It contains the Redken Interbond Conditioning System to repair the hair and renew lost strength, while Gold Camelina, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil add moisture, shine and vitality. Follow Up: Use the Redken All Soft Conditioner to seal in the hydration from the shampoo and leave your hair healthy.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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