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Get a Makeup Brush Kit Worthy of a Pro

Get a Makeup Brush Kit Worthy of a Pro
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It's not a secret: the right makeup brush set makes a huge difference when it comes to applying makeup. That's why makeup artists can't work without their brushes. We've put together the best makeup brushes that every beauty enthusiast needs to get her hands on.

What Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

Makeup brushes and tools are an essential for any makeup lover. Proper tools allow a very precise application, perfect blending and help you achieve any makeup style like an expert.

As Sigma's Laura Barnes has said:

The finish that you get with a brush is far more even and flawless than with your fingers.

However, which brush you choose totally depends on what you are trying to do. We've already broken down exactly what all of the different makeup brushes do, but the number one rule is that you need a brush or a tool for every step of your makeup.

You will never get the finish you want for each part of your makeup from just one brush so this is where having a full makeup brush kit will come to the rescue.

You can obviously build up your own kit by handpicking each brush you love, but if you want to try getting everything you need in one go, then these are the brushes and sets that will help you get that professional finish.

The Best Brush Sets for a Picture-Perfect Complexion

A flawless complexion can’t be achieved without the right makeup brushes. Applying your foundation with a professional tool will give you a more refined result than if you use your fingers.

A concealer brush is also another must-have, as it allows you to work precisely on specific areas such as the under-eye and effectively cover up imperfections.

The Complexion Trio Set from Japonesque would be a good starter kit if you’re just beginning to build your professional set. Apply any foundation texture with the Angled Foundation Brush then layer with the Small Stippling Brush and use the Pointed Concealer Brush for a perfect finish.

The Core Collection Kit for the face from the cruelty-free Real Technique brand is also one of our favourites, as it gathers essential tools to apply foundation like a pro. Use the Detailer and Pointed Foundation Brushes with liquid formulas, and the Buffing Brush for powder textures such as mineral foundation or blush. Then the Contour Brush will help you finish up the flawless look with a hint of bronzer or highlighter.

If you’re looking to master the art of contouring, you need a dedicated kit like Sigma’s Highlight and Contour Brush Set. Its 7 high-quality, professional brushes are shaped to help enhance your face features, redefine high points and give you the most flawless finish.

The Best Kits for Outstanding Eyes And Brows

Applying and blending eye shadows, achieving a striking smokey eye and defining your brows require quite a few brushes. Brush kits are perfect at helping you get everything you need, from precise liner brushes to fluffy blending brushes.

The Perfect Blend Kit from Sigma covers all your needs, as the 6 brushes provide a variety of uses from applying shadow into the crease to blending harsh lines. Whether you want to achieve a very precise finish or a more smoked-out look, the professional Sigma tools will get you there!

If you’re a bit smokey eye obsessed, The Vintage Cosmetics Company's got you covered with their Smokey Eye Make-Up Brush Set. Start with the Shadow Brush to apply shade over the entire lid. Next, effortlessly build and layer colours onto the lids with the Angled Eye Shadow Brush, for a fool-proof smokey look. Blend and buff a little more with the Smudger Brush and admire the result in the mirror!

If you always want your brows groomed, then the Brow Brush Set from Real Techniques is what you need. It combines 5 tools to help clean-up and sculpt your brows, including 2 tweezers that will spot even the shortest hair and 3 Slanted Brushes to help you fill and define your brows like a pro.

The "Full face" Makeup Brush Sets

If you want to cover all the basics in one go, then look for kits that have a mix of face, eye and lip brushes. Whether for travelling or for building the ultimate makeup brush kit, these are our favourites.

Whether you need a handy kit to carry in your handbag or a simple brush kit for your light everyday makeup look, the Antibacterial Brush Set from Look Good Feel Better is your top pick. It features 5 professional tools to apply and blend foundation, eye shadows and lip products. We particularly love the Large Multi-Tasking Brush for its versatility and softness on the skin.

Another of our favourites is the 6 Piece Brush Set from EcoTools, that combines essential brushes - crafted with sustainable bamboo handles and cruelty-free bristles - for a full face makeup.

If you want to take your makeup to the next level, think like a makeup artist and get the ultimate kit that has everything you possibly need. Take a look at Sigma's Premium Brush Kit and its 15 signature brushes that allow you to create any makeup from the most simple to sophisticated, with an extreme precision. You definitely won't regret this investment that will last you for years.

The Extra Pro Tools We Love

There is more to a pro beauty tool kit than just brushes. If you want to supplement your brush kit, then why not consider makeup sponges, lash curlers or manicure kits to help you look picture perfect from top to toe.

Makeup sponges do wonders to evenly blend foundation or concealer and give you a smooth, flawless complexion. You can do a lot with this versatile tool.

Need to apply foundation? Use the rounded sides on the large areas such as forehead and the flat edge for the contour of the eyes and nose. A blemish to cover? Conceal any imperfection with the precision tip in no time. Our favourite is this 4 pack of Miracle Complexion Sponges from Real Techniques.

The secret to hypnotic, curly lashes is using an eyelash curler before applying mascara. It might seem a bit tricky but it really isn't when you have the right tool, like Tweezerman's Super Curl Eyelash Curler. Its Silicon Pads prevent your lashes from sticking and the large curling surface leaves you with superstar lashes that will bring your eyes out.

Even if you get your nails done at your favourite salon, a manicure kit is an absolute must-have to do some maintenance in between 2 appointments. Handy and elegant, the Premium Implements Gift Set from Elegant Touch contains 4 tools to take care of your nails, from the nail clipper to the buffer.

Top Makeup Palettes

If a professional makeup brush set is key to a flawless makeup, so are high-quality makeup palettes. These are the ultimate makeup artists' staples.

A makeup palette allows to combine different shades to create an infinity of unique looks for any occasion, and good brushes definitely maximise the potential of makeup.

If you're into natural makeup, you may like our selection of best natural makeup palettes. Today we're sharing with you the palettes we currently love using with our makeup brushes.

As we're all about shimmery smokey eyes at the  moment, the Complement Palette from Illamasqua is our favourite eye palette. The 4 high-pigmented shades deliver iridescent, metallic and matte finishes and can be layered or mixed up to create endless eye-makeup looks.

Contouring is just a breeze with the right brushes and NARS Cosmetics Limited Edition Narsissist Dual-Intensity Blush Palette. The 4 shades of blush, highlighter and contouring powder are all you need to define your features and get a radiant complexion.

We're completely addicted to Pixi's latest makeup collection, especially the Get The Look Palette - It's Lip Time. It features 12 creamy and vibrant lip colours that you can wear solo or layer to create a new look every day.

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