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Everything you need to know about OSKIA skincare

Everything you need to know about OSKIA skincare
Team LF
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OSKIA was founded by Georgie Cleeve after multiple operations had left her with little to no cartilage in her knee. Her dad was working in the supplement industry at the time and had come across MSM, which was being prescribed to race horses after injuries to help them recover. Known to rebuild and stimulate collagen production, Georgie had an amazing reaction to the supplement, which rebuilt the majority of her knee cartilage. What surprised her most however, was the amazing effect it had had on her skin.

It was after working as a food journalist that Georgie decided to look into building a skincare brand that incorporated MSM and was based on nutrition and skin health. And so, OSKIA was born...

What is MSM?

Scientifically known as Dimethyl Sulfone, MSM helps to improve collagen production and elasticity within the skin, making it great for anyone concerned with ageing, pigmentation or dullness.

Brilliant at detoxifying the body and helping to heal certain skin conditions such as eczema and breakouts, it's the one mineral that's at the core of everything OSKIA produce.

What makes OSKIA special?

There are millions of skincare brands on the market, but OSKIA is a truly unique gem. A British brand who make their own products in a factory in Wales, they also put bio-technology at the heart of everything they do. This ensures that ingredients are delivered in the most efficient way into the skin's cells.

Think of it like Passport Control - when you scan your passport and face, you are permitted to walk through as it recognises your facial ID and passport details. Like this concept, the skin doesn't allow anything through that it doesn't recognise, so OSKIA encapsulate (put into a bubble) their ingredients so that the skin recognises and absorbs them properly.

With over 135 international beauty awards, they are one of the most successful skincare brands today, and it's all down to the fact their products make the world of difference to your skin.

Which are the bestselling products?

Without a doubt, the Renaissance range is the brand's hero collection. Included are the Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Renaissance Mask and brand new Renaissance Body Scrub, created in collaboration with the body-positive influencer Emma Hoareau.

Not only are all of the products infused with MSM, but they also contain a blend of fruit acids such as papaya, pumpkin and passionfruit, which help to eat away at dead cells and leave the complexion beautifully soft, smooth and glowing.

Suitable for all skin types, the Renaissance range is ideal for those wanting to combat fatigue and dullness - the Renaissance Mask for example is perfect for use just before an event to help plump-up and add gorgeous radiance to the skin.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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