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How Long Does Your Makeup Last?

How Long Does Your Makeup Last?
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It is often only after we've opened up all our makeup drawers getting ready for a special occasion that we notice how much we have. It can be so easy to hold onto every eye pencil and lipstick just in case, but how long does makeup last for really? We're sharing the use-by-dates you should follow to keep your makeup collection at its best.

Tips for Keeping your Makeup in Top Condition

Even when makeup is fairly new, it can cause skin problems and reactions if you aren't careful about keeping it in good condition. There are a few housekeeping rules to look out for when storing your makeup, to make sure you can use it right up to its best before date.

  • Don't double dip. Only use clean brushes and sponges to dip into product, so you don't spread any bacteria into your makeup. Pump products are usually the most hygienic as they stay sealed shut.
  • Don't pump your mascara. This actually just ends up drying it out faster and can introduce bacteria into the tube.
  • Keep things in the dark. A lot of formulas are prone to sun damage; they can degrade and lose efficacy. Keeping your makeup away from direct sunlight can help it last longer.
  • Check any changes in texture. If the formula separates, becomes runnier or thicker, then it is probably past its best.
  • Keep it out the bathroom. To make sure you don't encourage the growth of things like Yeast or Mould in your products, avoid storing makeup anywhere with a lot of warmth or humidity.

How Long to Keep your Makeup

Depending on the type of product, your makeup tends to have different shelf-lives. Although you should always keep an eye on the condition of your makeup, these are the ballpark figures you should use as a guideline for keeping your makeup around:

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