Why Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist is a little miracle in a bottle

Why Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist is a little miracle in a bottle

When we heard that Omorovicza were launching the first spritz-on moisturiser, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Perfect for travelling, post-workout and generally when you don’t have time for creams to sink in, it’s the ultimate weapon in a busy girl’s beauty arsnenal.

Made with an incredible blend of oils, botanical essences, and the brand’s exclusive and patented Healing Concentrate, the newly launched Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist is everything your skin needs (and more) in a bottle.

What’s in the Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist?

  • Wheat germ oil – Rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ oil helps shield skin against environmental aggressors and free radicals to keep it protected, healthy, soft, smooth and glowing.
  • Macadamia nut oil – Although incredibly lightweight compared to other oils, macadamia oil provides a punch when it comes to moisture and hydration. Rich in fatty acids, it’s great for promoting a plumped-up and youthful complexion.
  • Rosehip oil – The oil of the supermodels (it’s loved by Miranda Kerr and David Gandy), rosehip oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidantsm which aid cellular regeneration and reduce the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation.
  • Avocado oil – The food of the millenials, avocados are much more than a satisfactory brunch ingredient. Avocado oil helps the skin to retain moisture, so it stays hydrated and plumped-up.
  • Sweet almond oil – Naturally soothing, sweet almond oil helps to strengthten the skin’s natural protective barrier, which keeps environmental aggressors at bay. It’s also a great ingredient if you have irritated, chapped or sore akin as it has incredible healing properties.
  • Essential oils – Lavender, rose, sweet orange peel, geranium, roman chamomile, neroli and eucalyptus are the 7 essential oils which make up the botanical phase of the Magic Moisture Mist. They have incredible astringent properties, which tone and refine the skin, while their uplifting scents help to give an instant mood boost.
  • Healing Concentrate – Patented to Omorovicza, their unique Healing Concentrate contains countless minerals, which helps improve the texture and suppleness of the skin.

How do I use it?

Shake well before use, and then spritz onto the skin as you would a toner. If you’re at home and want a more sensory experience, press gently into the skin.

If you suffer with uneven skin tone or blemishes, read more about how the Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask and Acid Fix can help your complexion.



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