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Voluminous Hair with Grow Gorgeous

Voluminous Hair with Grow Gorgeous
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Anyone with fine locks will understand the difficulty of finding a haircare routine with products that don't weigh the hair down and instead uplift it. Enter Grow Gorgeous.

Their newest venture is the Full Bodied collection; designed for flat, limp and lifeless hair thanks to its blend of lightweight and volumising ingredients.

What are the Ingredients for Voluminous Hair?

When it comes to achieving bouncy and voluminous hair, Grow Gorgeous doesn't mess around. While a lot of hair products contain silicones and sulphates, all of which can give a short-term illusion to healthy locks, Grow Gorgeous uses active botanicals and scientifically-led ingredients to make sure your hair has long-term bounce and body.

  • Pea Peptides - These are amino acids that are rich in a range of vitamins and minerals. They help to keep the hair and scalp healthy by reducing inflammation and improving moisture levels without weighing the hair down; making them a great ingredient for hair that needs volume.
  • Amino Acids - Amino Acids help to improve hair growth and keep the hair healthy and strong. This in turn promotes more resilient fibres, which gives the hair pliability and bounce.
  • Plant-Derived Proteins - These help to keep the hair super soft and healthy, so that it stays in good condition and well nourished. The low and medium weight chains help keep the hair light without weighing it down.
  • Active Micro-Emulsion - Fine hair strands lacking volume can become dull, limp and damaged, so this lightweight emulsion helps to repair and protect weak and delicate fibres so they remain strong without becoming weighed down.

The Full Bodied Haircare Routine

Designed for even the finest of hair types, this duo dream team will help restore bounce and manageability back into tired locks.

Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo

This cleansing formula is enriched with everything your hair needs to stay big and bouncy.

The lightweight texture melts into the hair and easily cleanses to reveal not only healthy and soft locks, but hair that looks as incredible as it feels. It contains touch-to-style technology, which means you can tease your hair into the style you want.

Full Bodied Volumising Leave-In Conditioner

This lightweight spritz is a serum-based formulation, which coats the hair with moisture, without a heavy or oily feeling that weighs it down.

As a leave-in treatment, it's also great at nourishing the locks and keeping them hydrated throughout the day, meaning your hair stays healthy and shiny, as well as voluminous and bouncy.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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