The Feathered Eyebrows

The Feathered Eyebrows

We know that the beauty world is all about brows right now, but we are definitely noticing a new trend emerging from all the manicured arches; Feathered Brows. We’re explaining what they are all about and how you can try the trend.

Go Natural

After a couple of years of strong, sharp brows we are noticing a move towards a more natural look. Think of the slightly bushy, natural eyebrows seen on celebrities like Cara Delevigne and the Olsen twins. This is where the feathered brow comes in.

A fuller, more natural brow is the most ideal, non-invasive way to a youthful modern look that is both beautiful and easy to maintain once you’ve achieved it. – Kristie Streicher

Perfected by Kristie Streicher from the Striiike Salon in Los Angeles, the feathered brow is about a full brow that is naturally shaped to your face, gently combed and defined for a softly tomboyish look.

Lily James eyebrows

Kristie’s clients have included Emily Blunt, Lily James and Adele and with such high profile names heading to Kristie’s salon, we are expecting the feathered brow trend to be everywhere soon.

Why do we love it right now? The more natural finish fits in perfectly with the makeup trends we are seeing for Summer. It feels fresh and looks youthful, pairing beautifully with the glowing skin and pared back eye makeup we are seeing everywhere. It is the passport to cool-girl chic!

How to Get the Look

We can’t all jet over to Los Angeles to get Kristie’s magic touch but we can try our best to get brows like Lily James for ourselves. These are the tools you need and the steps to follow:

  1. Step Away From the Tweezers

    Kristie’s treatment recommends months of growing out your brows. She says this is the key to finding your natural brow shape and stepping away from the over-plucked arches of the 2000s.

    While Kristie’s recommended 6 month minimum might be far too long, try leaving your brows to fill in for 3-4 weeks. Then just use tweezers to just tidy up the edges, plucking the bare minimum of hairs on the edge of your inner arch.

    To pluck those fine hairs, make sure you have a sharp pair of angled tweezers for the best precision. We swear by the classic Tweezerman Slant Tweezers.

  2. Try Tinting

    Ignore all those powders and pencils, the secret to a naturally full-looking brow is a brow tint.

    The dye catches all those fine, light little hairs in your brows so they look amazingly full, even makeup free. Added bonus? The tints usually last between 3-5 weeks.

    Although you can head to a salon for this, we do love the Eyelure tinting kits for DIY. They are incredibly simple to use and give gorgeous results.

  3. Boost your Growth

    Over-plucked brows can definitely take some patience to grow back but you can give them a helping hand.

    As a basic, make sure you are eating a good diet, rich in proteins, fatty acids and vitamins. It will always help your hair and nails grow well at the same time as helping skin glow.

    As an extra boost, we love using a serum like the Rapidbrow enhancing Serum to help condition and restore our eyebrow hairs. Just brush onto the brows everyday for a month and you’ll see the results

  4. Get Grooming

    A natural brow doesn’t mean a messy brow. The signature shape of the feathered brow is brushed out and full at the front so getting your hairs in line is important.

    Because a natural finish is number 1 here, use a clear brow gel to brush up through the brows. Using one every day can also help train unruly hairs to grow in the best direction too.

    Try the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel. The spoolie will help you brush your brows into place (don’t forget to brush up the fronts of your brow’s for the feathered look) and the clear formula is totally invisible.

  5. Fake it 'Till you Make it

    If you are still struggling with getting that extra va-va-voom in your brows, don’t despair. There are still makeup products around that can help fake that natural look.

    While we love pencils and powders for a defined look, tinted liquid gels work best for the feathered look, as they keep that natural shape as you brush them through the brows.

    Our current favourite is the Brow Build from Illamasqua– it contains built-in fibres which stick to your brow hairs to create the look of full, natural brows. It is as close to the feathered brow in a bottle as you can get!



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