How to Look Great with Lack of Sleep

With the clocks going forward, we are losing one hour of our precious beauty sleep. This lack of sleep can leave us feeling irritable, moody and exhausted, not to mention with dark circles under our eyes. Although you might feel fatigued, your skin can still look as radiant and awake as ever. We have selected our top products to perk up tired complexions so you can look your best no matter how little sleep you’ve had. So as soon as the alarm clock goes off. jump out of bed and get ready to take on the day with these glow-inducing tips from Lookfantastic.

How to Look your Best with Minimal Sleep

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    Add Vitamins into your Skincare Routine

    Vitamins such as C and E can help to energise your skin and keep it healthy and radiant. This illuminates your skin, perks up your complexion and leaves you feeling awake. We love this “Light Time” bundle from This Works, which contains their Cleanse and Glow, Skin Plumper and even a mini Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (which you can use the night before to help you drift off to sleep quicker!) Infused with Vitamins C and E, along with Hyaluronic Acid, this set will ensure your skin is ready to go in the morning.

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    Take Care of Your Eyes

    Eyes usually show the first signs of exhaustion and fatigue, so making sure to look after them is essential. This cooling formula from Origins is enriched with Yeast Extract, which helps to brighten the skin under the eyes so you appear more awake. As its a roll-on treatment, application is super easy and will let you apply it quickly and without fuss.

    TOP TIP: Keep your eye cream in the fridge so it has an immediate cooling effect on puffy eyes and dark circles.

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    Let Your Skin Drink the Caffeine

    You might feel like drinking 10 cups of coffee in the morning to get you started, but for the sake of your health (and skin!), try incorporating it into your beauty routine. Caffeine help to energise the skin and perk up your complexion. We love this gift set from This Works which contains their In Transit Camera Close-Up. Infused with Caffeine, this moisturising primer will leave your skin hydrated, healthy and awake. This set also comes with their Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, so although your sleep is shorter, it is still peaceful.

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    Brighten and Highlight!

    Again with the eyes! Light makeup and highlighter can help to brighten dark circles and eliminate discolouration. This pencil from Pixi is aptly called “Wide Awake” and will leave your peepers looking bright and beautiful! The matte pencil works to brighten, while the highlighter helps to lighten and add radiance. Simply apply the brightening end under the eyes and then finish with the lightening end on the inner corners. Your eyes will look refreshed and awake!

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    Use an All-In-One Palette

    Using an all-in-one makeup palette can mean easy application in the morning when you are tired and don’t want to spend ages on your makeup! We love this one from theBalm which contains lip-to-cheek formulas for a perfectly creamy pop of colour. You can apply the colours directly or mix together for your own personal shade. For added radiance to the cheeks, you can also use theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter which has gained cult status in the beauty industry.

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