What Is Inside The April Beauty Box?

What Is Inside The April Beauty Box?

The April Beauty Box has been designed with natural beauty in mind, using a combination of good skincare and lightweight makeup to get your complexion glowing.

We are taking inspiration from the organic and natural brands that love to get us looking lovely with the help of good-for-you ingredients, which feed the skin with nutrition as well as adding a little coverage just where you need it!

Plus, this month’s magazine has all the tips you need to perfect your barefaced beauty and let your face see the world naturally.

Unboxing the April Beauty Box

Discover what natural and organic beauty treats are awaiting you in this month’s exclusive Beauty Box.

What is inside the Natural Beauty Box?

Inside this month’s Box is an array of natural beauty products designed to enhance your gorgeous complexion, as well as Beauty Box exclusive…

Beauty Box Exclusive: Merci Handy Cleansing Gel

These gorgeously scented hand gels are the perfect travel companions to always make sure you keep your hands clean on the go! Touching your face with dirty hands can lead to blemishes and dryness, so make sure that if you are applying your makeup, you are doing it with clean mitts! These ones from Merci Handy are infused with Cleansing Pearls, to keep your hands hydrated too!

  1. Omorovicza Cleansing Foam
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    Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

    This gorgeously gentle yet deep cleansing foam helps to rid your skin of makeup, oil, dirt and impurities.

    Formulated with Copper Gluconate, the cleanser helps to clean out your pores and detoxify your skin, so is great to use when your complexion is feeling a little congested.

    The exclusive Omorovicza Mineral Delivery System helps to transport essential nutrients into your skin so that its fed with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy, glowing and clear.

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  2. Vitamasques Pomegranate Sheet Mask
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    Vitamasques Pomegranate Sheet Mask

    Sheet masks are all the rage right now, and this natural one from Vitamasques is perfect for getting your vitamin boost.

    The hero ingredient is of course, Pomegranate, which is enriched with antioxidants to keep the skin glowing, youthful and protected against environmental aggressors.

    They are great for giving the skin a “mini lift”, so perfect to use if you are heading out for a special event and want to give your skin a luxurious treatment.

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  3. Perfect Legs Skin Miracle
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    Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

    This Spring, dare to bare your legs without the use of fake tan, with the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle.

    Formulated with Vitamins C and E to brighten and hydrate the skin, the cream also contains Arnica, which helps to fade out bruises and even out overall skin tone.

    If you are enjoying a little sunshine and don’t fancy applying fake tan, this makes a lovely alternative and helps to improve the look and feel of your winter skin.

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  4. Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation
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    Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation

    This glow-inducing foundation is formulated without the use of chemical nasties such as parabens and mineral oil.

    Formulated with White Tea Extract and Centella Asiatica, the foundation infuses your skin with a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to help keep it healthy and glowing even while wearing makeup.

    The softly pigmented formula evens out skin tone and covers blemishes, helping to give your complexion a radiant glow and beautiful finish.

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  5. Alterna Caviar CC Cream
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    Alterna Caviar CC Cream

    This beautifying hair cream from natural brand Alterna, is free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oil to infuse your locks with only the very best ingredients.

    It boasts 10 unique benefits for your hair, including improved moisture and shine, and protection against thermal damage, making it an essential part of any straightening enthusiast’s haircare regime.

    It can be used in partner with your other styling products, or on its own if you want a more natural feel and look.

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  6. MÁDARA Smart Day Cream
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    MÁDARA Smart Day Cream

    This natural and organic face cream is enriched with botanical greens such as Lichen, Moss and Fern, which are incredibly rich in antioxidants to smooth out fine lines, reverse the signs of dryness, plump up the skin and even out its tone.

    As a certified organic face cream, it’s brilliant to use on all skin types, especially sensitive to help keep your complexion radiant and balanced.

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