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A Colour Correcting Guide with Urban Decay

A Colour Correcting Guide with Urban Decay
Team LF
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Colour correcting is becoming bigger than concealing, and with good reason. While concealers work on one level for each person, colour correctors are specially designed to cancel out individual skin problems such as pigmentation, dullness and dark circles.

From peach and green, to lavender and yellow; each colour corrector is formulated to target a different concern, meaning you get personalised results that fit your complexion for a flawless and even finish.

Why Urban Decay?

Urban Decay know we all have our vices. From late night parties to eating the wrong food, there can be the occasional imbalances that cause all too often a dark circle and a blemish here and there.

If you're heading away on a weekend getaway, or need a palette that does it all for your colour correction needs, try the Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette. It contains 2 colour correcting shades in peach and pink shades to help minimise dark circles and brighten fatigued skin; perfect for on the go and early-morning's coming soon so get ready.

For colour correcting that's a little more personalised, try the Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids have been designed especially to correct these vices and give you the most flawless skin possible.

Because they're super lightweight, they blend easily into the skin, meaning it doesn't take long to get that lusted-after even skin tone. While most colour correctors are cream-based formulations, the Urban Decay ones are fluid liquids, meaning you don't need to spend time or effort working them into your skin. Genius.

Each corrector contains a blend of Pearlescent Pigments to brighten the skin, as well as Vitamins C and E to shield against environmental aggressors and keep the complexion hydrated.

Which Colour Correcting Fluid is right for me?

The first place you need to look when choosing the right colour corrector is your own natural skin tone. What concerns you the most? Do you have blemishes and pigmentation scars you want to cover? Or do you have dark circles you want to banish before that early morning meeting?

Take the time to really get to know what your skin is needing, and you'll find all your complexion woes disappear in just one swipe.


Breakouts, Redness, Sunburn

If you have a lot of redness and pigmentation in your skin, you'll want to start with green.

If you have sunburn, wind burn, breakouts or skin irritation such as rosacea, green is the perfect shade. It naturally cancels out redness, and so helps to perfect the skin for an even tone.

So, the next time you wake up with an unexpected blemish on the skin, make sure you apply Urban Decay's Green Colour Correcting Fluid before you go near the concealer. Trust us, you'll thanks us later.


Bruises, Dark Circles, Blue Tones

Bruise like a peach? While you may be unlucky with how your skin appears after knocking into something, you're actually lucky in the sense that peach will help to cancel it all out.

Peach naturally cancels out blue tones, which makes it perfect for concealing bruising, dark circles and prominent veins.

It's also excellent to use if you have fair skin and want to brighten it up a little. This is because fair skin naturally shows blue tones more easily than other skin shades, so peach is a naturally great lightener.


Brown & Age Spots, Brightens Fair Skin

If you have age or sun spots that concern you, you'll want to choose the Pink Colour Correcting Fluid.

Great for cancelling out brown pigmentation on the skin, pink is excellent for banishing discolouration and and brightening dull complexions.

Again, like peach, pink is excellent to use on fair complexions that need a little radiance boost; making it perfect for early morning starts when you can look fairly fatigued.


Blue Tones for Medium Skin, Eyeshadow Base

If you have a medium to olive skin tone, peach may just not cut it when it comes to cancelling out blue tones and dark purple shadows under the eyes. In this case, you'll want to turn to mellow yellow.

It's great at reducing dark circles and brightening dull complexions, making it great for the autumn/winter months when skin can appear slightly sallow.

Yellow is also an excellent base for your eyeshadow; so if you're stuck for time in the morning and need to a multi-tasking miracle product to do the work for you, this Yellow Colour Correcting Fluid is it.


Yellow undertones & Brightening

If you have quite yellow undertones in the skin, or discolouration from old bruising you want to disguise, then Lavender is your perfect shade.

Anything from the peach and purple colour family can be used to brighten the complexion and remove dark pigmentation, making it perfect for under eye bags and dull areas on the face.

If you feel like you have a mix of yellow undertones and dark eye circles, try mixing it with peach for a gorgeous highlighting effect.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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