Imogen Hudson’s Beauty Secret

Imogen Hudson’s Beauty Secret

We’ve shared our Beauty Secret with our ambassadors and it’s now time for them to share their’s with us! We asked our ambassadors about their beauty tips and each week we will be sharing with you the secrets they live by and the products they cannot live without.

Meet Imogen Hudson

Londoner Imogen Hudson, otherwise know as ‘FashionImogenation’ online  is known for her vivaciousness and bubbly personality, and she has quickly garnered a host of loyal followers.

With a degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre it is not surprising that Imogen’s blog posts scream confidence, and she’s certainly not shy in front of the camera! She started her blog to showcase her love for fashion, and her quirky street style mixes a glamourous and sporty aesthetic to create versatile ensembles which leave us with serious wardrobe envy!

One look at her instagram & you’ll see that Imogen is certainly not afraid to make cheeky wardrobe choices and that’s she an expert at her ever-so-glam makeup. She has the faux glow perfected & her hair looks like something out of a Disney film, so of course we had to sit down with her and ask her about her Beauty Secrets.

Imogen’s Beauty Secret

I use a rosewater mist and put it on everything when I’m doing my makeup because it makes everything so much more pigmented.

Imogen has been a fan of makeup from a young age and would even pretend to do her grandmother’s makeup when she was little. Unsurprisingly, then she has some stellar beauty hacks to share with us.

Her main tip is making her own rosewater and mint facial mists which she uses on the base of her makeup and on top of it to re-hydrate and revive her skin. She also cleverly uses it on her Beauty Blender to enhance the pigments in her makeup for a bolder look – how ingenious!

What we really love about her beauty secret though is her desire to use less makeup and enhance her natural beauty. She looks back at pictures when she’s younger and dislikes how the heavy makeup would darken her eyes. Like most girls she certainly appreciates getting ‘glammed up’ every now and then, but, in her uniquely Imogen way she advises:

Babes, just chill out with the makeup!




Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson

Ethical Beauty Specialist

Hailing from sunny Warrington, I spend my days filling you in on the best beauty tips on our social media channels. But the obsession doesn’t end there; I am always hunting down new products and being Vegan, nothing makes me happier than discovering an amazing Cruelty Free beauty brand! My signature look is a bold bright lip with winged eyeliner.