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The Ritual of Holi: the new colourful collection from Rituals

The Ritual of Holi: the new colourful collection from Rituals
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Beauty is meant to be fun and not too serious.

The new collection from Rituals is sure to add a burst of colour in to your beauty routine. Inspired by the ultra-vibrant and colour of the Holi festival, also known as the festival of colours, The Rituals of Holi collection will spark tons of happiness and boost you mood each and every day.

The joyful collection is packed with fun, innovative bath and body products with sweet and floral uplifting fragrances to colour your world.

The Ritual of Holi

Add fun and colour to your beauty routine with this divine, vibrant collection.

Shower Foam Flower

Treat your skin and senses to The Ritual of Holi Shower Foam Flower. The luxurious foaming shower gel blends the delicate scents of White Lily and Peach Blossom to cleanse and refresh your skin and leave it feeling petal-soft.

As well as the sparkling floral fragrance, it the innovative packaging that makes the Shower Foam Flower so wonderful. As you squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam, the product appears like a blooming flower, making your in-shower experience that little bit more special.

Holi Crackle

Moisturising and conditioning the skin and your body should be a fun experience. The Ritual of Holi Crackling Body Mousse crackles and fizzes on your skin, creating a cooling sensation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe.

Lighweight and fast-absorbing, the Crackling Body Mousse is the perfect everyday body moisturiser and will uplify your senses every day with its refreshing White Lily and Peach Flower scent. Skin will be left velvety-soft with a delicate fragrance.

Shower Jelly

Cleanse, soften and fragrance your skin whilst you shower with The Ritual of Holi Shower Jelly. Infused with soothing Flamingo Flower and refreshing Pink Grapefruit, Shower Jelly is a real treat for your skin.

Inspired by Kulfi, an Indian dessert, the sweet treat will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered.

Bath Bomb Flower

Make your bath an explosion of colour and fun with The Ritual of Holi Bath Bomb Flower. Infused with flower petals, the pink bath bomb activates and fizzes upon contact with water, transforming your bath.

With the collection's signature White Lily and Peach Blosson scent, The Ritual of Holi Bath Bomb Flower is a luxurious treat that will make your bath a truly indulgent experience.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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