Slendertone Premium Abs for Men

Slendertone Premium Abs for Men

For me (and I’m sure most guys) a 6 pack is the fitness ideal. A mecca that can only be reached with hours of sit ups and gym work to tone, and masses of cardio and careful nutrition to strip fat. That was until Slendertone developed the ingenious Premium Abs For Men to give you a helping hand. Just another fitness fad I hear you say? Well those were the suspicions I shared when I embarked on my 4 week challenge to reach washboard perfection with Slendertone by my side.

About Slendertone Premium Abs

Before we get into whether it worked, lets don our lab coats and find out more about the science behind this muscle toning gadget. It’s all based around neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), technology that produces safe and effective contractions of the internal and external obliques, transversus and rectus abdominus (or the muscles around your waist to you and me!). Housed within a comfortable, discreet and easy to use belt, specially designed pads provide targeted muscle toning designed to help achieve deep muscle training. But what I wanted to find out was did this clever development mean visible results?

My review of Slendertone Premium Abs

During clinical trials, 100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs when using Slendertone Premium Abs, and I can say that I can definitely noticed a difference too. I used by belt every day for 20 minutes while sat at my desk, which is the equivalent of doing 120 abdominal crunches!

I mainly saw a difference above my hips, where I lost about an inch from my waist line. Slendertone Premium Abs didn’t shed the fat in this area, but it tightened all the muscles underneath to leave me with a much more toned appearance. But there was also a noticeable difference in my six pack too, with an improvement in muscle tone and strength which even had a knock on effect on my posture! All in just four weeks.

The thing I loved about Slendertone Premium Abs was that the results are visible right from the off, which makes you more motivated to continue on your ab toning quest. It’s also so easy to use that it literally requires no effort in order to achieve your goals.

If you like the sound of Slendertone Premium Abs and think your guy could use some help going from flab to abs, then this muscle toning supreme-o is the perfect solution!

Andy Wood

Andy Wood

Men's Beauty Editor