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A Big Bouncy Blowdry with Aveda

A Big Bouncy Blowdry with Aveda

With party Season in full swing, there is no better moment to get practicing your hair styling skills. The experts at Aveda are giving us all the step-by-step instructions, to make getting that gorgeous bouncy blow dry at home a breeze.

Step-by-Step Tips for the Perfect Blow Dry

  1. Prep the Hair

    On freshly shampooed hair apply Pure Abundance style prep. Layer over Thickening Tonic to give extra bounce and natural volume. Brush everything through to make sure you're evenly.
  2. Get the Curls

    Using a round blow dry brush, blow dry sections the width and depth of the brush you are using. For a stronger curl, apply Velcro roller on the section and leave to cool. Then you can just unroll and brush out the curls for a beautifully sleek finish.
  3. Refresh it

    To refresh hair on the second day, or to add texture to a curly blowdry use Shampure dry shampoo. Apply it to the roots to build volume and to the ends to add a lived in texture.



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