What Are The Best Serums For Glowing Skin?

What Are The Best Serums For Glowing Skin?

Everyone wants a glowing complexion, but with weather changes, hormonal fluctuations and fatigue, it’s not always possible. This is where skincare experts’ favourite products come in: Serums.

Serums are great as they lock in hydration and provide an extra boost of nutrients to the skin without feeling heavy, sticky or oily. They usually contain a high dosage of vitamins and active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin at a cellular level, yet their lightweight texture means moisturisers sit comfortably on top.

Top 10 Serums For A Glowing Complexion

One of bareMinerals newest launches is their skincare line which features this incredible and unique serum. It contains Long Life Herb Extract, found on an island off the coast of Japan which helps to promote vitality in the skin. It leaves your skin glowing, and is one of the nicest scented serums we have tried!

If you are looking for an all-natural serum, then the Aurelia Revitalise and Glow Serum is your perfect choice. It contains a blend of unique essential oils that calm and soothe your skin, while Baobab works to revitalise and get your skin glowing and healthy! It's super lightweight and feels like water on the skin, making it a great one to use in the morning when you need to put makeup on straight after.

One of the best ways to tackle a dulling complexion is by using ingredients that help to plump up the skin and leave it looking more even and healthier. This is exactly what this Antipodes Intensive Serum does, thanks to its ability to stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It smells divine, and really does leave you glowing!

Elemental Herbology take a holistic approach to skincare, relying on the 4 natural elements to repair and protect. This Radiance and Vitality Serum contains a powerhouse of antioxidants to get your skin healthy and hydrated, thereby helping it to glow glow glow!

Chia Seeds are loved by many celebrities and supermodels across the world thanks to the fact they are absolutely brilliant for the skin. This serum from Perricone MD contains a high concentration of Chia to deliver essential nutrients into the skin and repair damaged cells to get you glowing and healthy again.

This is one of Lancôme's best-selling lines, and actually one of the best-selling skincare products across the world. Containing a cocktail of vitamins and active ingredients, this serum provides intense nourishment for the skin, working to increase its elasticity and overall vitality. Basically, we never head off to a party without applying this first.

A key concern for many wanting to get their glow back is finding the balance between radiant and just downright oily skin. This Serum from Omorovicza helps to regulate sebum production so that your skin produces the right amount of oil to stay healthy and hydrated without looking shiny.

Shiseido is a leading brand when it comes to skincare innovation. They use incredible technology to develop their products, which mean when they say they work, they really work. Their Revival Glow Serum contains the brand's exclusive Advanced Multi-Capisolve 1124 which helps to improve the clarity and radiance of your complexion.

For an instant boost of energy, look no further than the This Works Energy Bank Serum. It contains a blend of Red Algae Extract and Vitamin C, which work together to add radiance to the skin, brighten the complexion and leave you looking like you're ready to take on the day!

If you're a fan of Elizabeth Arden, and especially their Prevage range, you will absolutely love their Advanced Daily Serum. It helps to brighten the skin, add radiance to the complexion and improve its overall tone. It contains a unique antioxidant blend that packs a punch, delivering essential vitamins and nutrients into your skin.



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