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The ghd Electric Pink Collection

The ghd Electric Pink Collection

ghd are well-known when it comes to bringing out the coolest and most vibrant hair tool collections. This month however, they have teamed up with Breast Cancer Now to bring out the ghd Electric Pink range; a gorgeously girly range of electricals that make a difference to the lives of others.

When you buy any product from the ghd Electric Pink collection, they will donate £10 to Breast Cancer Now to help fight the battle against breast cancer. So far, they have raised a huge £9,000,000 since they started the campaign 12 years ago, and this year they want to make it to £10,000,000. If everyone in Great Britain bought just one product from the collection, ghd would raise a huge £64,000,000 for the charity, so we think the extra million they want to raise should be super easy!

About Breast Cancer Now

While the ghd stylers look fabulous, it’s important to remember the underlying reason why they are committed to supporting this amazing charity.

Breast Cancer Now are the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity and are dedicated to learning as much as they can about this disease to prevent the death of women across the country. Their research is invaluable, and by 2050 they aim to stop women dying from breast cancer.

ghd electric pink

To achieve this, the charity is using avenues of innovation and collaboration to develop partnerships that will help them fund their research. They aim to promote early diagnosis of breast cancer to help give women a better chance at fighting the disease, and by improving treatments and services in hospitals up and down the country, they are helping to provide better medical care to those women that need it the most.

Their work is truly extraordinary and their dedication to helping women struck by this awful disease is outstanding. You can read more about their work here, and help support them by purchasing a ghd Electric Pink Styler today.

The ghd Electric Pink Collection

The range of Electric Pink Stylers from ghd won’t only look great on your dressing table, they’ll make a real difference to women suffering with breast cancer.

  1. ghd Platinum Electric Pink Styler
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    ghd Platinum Electric Pink Styler

    The same great styler in updated pink packaging! The ghd Platinum Styler in Electric Pink uses the brand’s innovative tri-zone technology that ensures constant temperature from root to tip so you get an even finish.

    The ceramic plates also help to keep your hair healthy, super glossy and frizz-free, so you achieve smooth locks each and every time.

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  2. ghd V Electric Pink Styler
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    ghd V Electric Pink Styler

    The ghd V Styler features unique Ceramic Technology that allows you to glide the plates through your hair without snagging to give you a smooth and even finish.

    The plates themselves have been contoured to easily allow you to style your hair. Thanks to their unique shape, they can both curl and straighten your hair depending on what you want to achieve. Plus, the plates on this limited edition styler have sparkles embedded into them!

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  3. ghd Electric Pink Air Hair Dryer
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    ghd Electric Pink Air Hair Dryer

    While heat can damage your hair fibres, the ghd Air Hair Dryer actually works to minimise the effects. The high-pressure air flow emitted from the dryer helps to dry your hair faster and therefore reduce the amount of time your hair is subjected to hair.

    Unique Ionic Technology also helps to seal in hydration in the hair fibres, so they remain healthy, sleek and super glossy.

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